Reality TV Roundup: ‘Big Brother’ Finale and ‘America’s Next Top Model’

16 09 2010

The Survivor premiere gets its own post later today, but it’s easy enough to combine these two. The Big Brother finale was, as usual, ridiculously drawn-out—a seven-minute season recap, CBS? Seriously? But I enjoyed the final HOH challenge, and despite my overall dislike of Hayden, I was satisfied with the outcome. I feel for Enzo—the guy has a family to take care of—but he just wasn’t a good player. I was rooting for Lane despite his masturbation, tales of small-animal killing, and misogyny throughout the show, but I’m not devastated that he lost. Hayden sure needs the cash more than Lane, and ultimately, the outcome has no real bearing on my life or emotional state. I’m in it for the entertainment.

The person I feel the worst for is Britney. Early Wednesday morning, the house she was renting with fiance Nick was severely damaged by a fire. It’s good that they didn’t own the house, that Nick and the dogs made it out okay, and that she won a total of $35,000 between the find-the-coin challenge and the Fan Favorite vote. If Nick can forgive her for being away for three months and kinda-sorta-here-and-there flirting with Lane, hopefully she can forgive him for not paying close enough attention to the gas grill before going to sleep.

I loved the reaction of the Final Three when Andrew revealed Matt’s lie. The Jury knew, of course, but Enzo, Lane, and Hayden had no idea. I still hate Monet and her refusal to acknowledge her bitchiness—Rachel is a piece of work, but I really do think she has a good heart underneath it all. It’s good to see her and Brendon still happy, and her considering leaving Las Vegas to be with him at UCLA. There was shock and horror all around as Ragan was shown to be the second Saboteur; everyone thought it was Matt or Kathy. It was fun, too, to see Kristen and Hayden’s showmance finally revealed. I wonder if the vote would have changed if they’d shown that footage first?

All in all, it was a decent finale to wrap up a relatively boring season. I enjoyed the show up until the Final Three, but the guys weren’t all that interesting or intelligent, or people I’d befriend in real life. Once Rachel, Brendon, and Britney were gone, a lot of the entertainment value was lost for me. I’m crossing my fingers for a better cast in BB13!


Top Model was a lot of fun last night. The girls got to walk in a Diane von Furstenberg runway show four stories up on a glowy scary catwalk, then have words painted on their bodies for an anti-bullying photoshoot. Kayla really endeared herself to me, being the only lesbian in this cycle. She had some serious issues with her bully word, “queer,” but it came together for her in the end.

Ann and Kayla, my current faves, had the best photos this week. I also 100% agreed with Tyra’s decision to send Anamaria packing—not only was she annoying and conceited, but she did seem like she had an eating disorder based on the way she spoke and her body itself. One issue I have, though: This is only episode two. Anamaria walked in a bikini in casting, and the judges would have seen her body, her ribs, her lack of any fat. If they cast her just to set an example and make this episode into an after-school special about bullies and anorexia, then I’m not into that. I feel the motivation behind ousting her was good, but not if they planned it.

That’s all for now. I’ll be back later today with some Survivor awesomeness!


‘Big Brother’: The Final Four: Britney, Enzo, Hayden, Lane

3 09 2010

We already discussed the sock puppets, but their hilarity doesn’t hold a candle to the third punishment. Watching those guys break into dance whenever music came on was fantastic! Nice punishment, Big Brother. Here, relive the moment:

Great stuff.

Matt’s confession in the Jury House surprised me, but the girls’ reactions didn’t. I’m glad he came clean—there must have been some guilt there—and I do feel bad for Kathy. But you know, Sheriff, if you battled and/or are still battling cancer, you really should quit smoking. Just sayin’. I was glad to see Brendon and Rachel reunited, but Rachel’s disappointment that Brendon didn’t make it further tells me that this relationship may not last. I mean, we all know that showmances often don’t, and I do feel that at least Brendon is genuine in his affections. But Rachel? She’s a firecracker, and I’m not sure if she’s into Brendon for the long haul or if she’ll just continue to be disappointed. I hope Brenchel makes it, but… well, that’s reality TV. Not everyone can be like Boston Rob and Amber, or even Jeff and Jordan.

Now, on to Thursday. I have to say that, although I respect his loyalty to the Brigade, I believe Lane made the wrong choice when he didn’t save Ragan. Bringing Britney and Ragan instead of Hayden and Enzo would have probably been a smart move for him, since the Brigade members are well-liked by the Jury—more so than Ragan. However, I think Ragan would have pulled out some votes based on his tenacity and ability to survive so long against so much animosity, as Britney will if she makes it to the final two. So, I guess it was a toss-up either way, but I don’t think Lane stands much of a chance of winning against his Brigade buddies. Unless, of course, the jury respects his loyalty.

And I do have to say, now that most of the interesting people are in the Jury House, I’d almost rather watch that. Big Brother After Dark is a snoozefest, literally.

It’s getting to the exciting part of the show, and I can’t wait to see who wins—however, Britney’s the only person I want to see headed home with a big old check from CBS, and it’s starting to look unlikely that she’ll make it. I’ll just keep telling myself that anything can happen (and that it’s only a game). Fingers crossed.

Remember, too, that eviction is on Wednesday next week. Only five episodes to go!

Spoilers begin here.

It seems that Hayden won HOH (wasn’t that competition just like the one at the end of last season, with the eggs? or did I make that up?), which spells certain danger for Britney and almost-certain danger for Lane. I hope Brit wins the POV, assuming Hayden puts her up straight and doesn’t try to backdoor her. I am looking forward to the Brigade boys turning on each other, though.

‘Big Brother’: Lane’s nominations

30 08 2010

This post contains spoilers.

I love love love that Lane didn’t want to win HOH, and I love that he won it anyway because Enzo sucks so hard at competitions. And I love, too, that the HOH win clued the other houseguests into the reality of Lane’s situation: He doesn’t need the money. Whether or not this will cause any drama with Britney is still up in the air, but Big Brother After Dark has been really, really boring since Matt and Brendon left so I’d be happy if it did.

Last night’s episode was mostly focused on who was going to be the pawn, Britney or a Brigade member. Lane obviously put up Ragan, who now has to fight his skinny butt off to win POV. But Lane went back and forth for the vast majority of the episode, finally settling on Enzo over Britney for nominee #2. (There’s always the backdoor option, though!)

However, I’ve heard… SPOILER ALERT. SKIP THE REST OF THIS POST IF YOU WANT TO WAIT UNTIL WEDNESDAY… that Enzo wins it, so we’ll certainly see Britney or Hayden on the block. I hope beyond hope that Hayden goes up. Lane said he’d never put up Hayden, but he also said that he wouldn’t put up a Brigade member in the first place, so it’s still possible he’ll go back on his word. It also shouldn’t matter too much—I’m 99% sure that, without a POV win, Ragan’s outta there.

Britney and Hayden talking with hand puppets

Britney and Hayden talking with hand puppets | Image credit: Big Brother Live Online

Letting slip his net worth wasn’t Lane’s only mistake this weekend; that Pandora’s Box sure was a doozy! He only made $90 (probably more like $20 after taxes!) for three major punishments. We saw the first last night—the houseguests now lack silverware and cups—and Big Brother Live Online reports that a second punishment is that they have to speak using handpuppets. (Still no word on the third punishment—clue me in if you know!) Lane would have been better off if he turned down temptation; come on, how likely is it that you’d pull the winning envelope? I bet there was one envelope with the large prize, and the rest only had tiny amounts (that $0.17 one was a killer).

Who do you think Lane will name as the replacement nominee? I hope it’s not Britney; she’s the only one I really want to win. I like Lane, but I don’t want him to win if he’s already loaded. Hayden is a conceited, selfish idiot, Ragan is mean and whiny (I wish I still liked him, but I don’t), and Enzo is one of the worst competitors ever. However, he has a tiny baby, so I’d be okay with him scoring the grand prize. He could sure use it. But Miss Britney Haynes still has my vote.

And, finally: I hope Brendon and Rachel are happy together in the Jury House!

‘Big Brother’: Double Eviction Insanity (now with HOH spoilers)

27 08 2010

Here’s a quick summary of last night’s live Double Eviction:
Brendon Villegas1. Matt and Enzo were on the block, and Matt was unanimously evicted.
2. The new HOH competition was held, and Hayden beat Brendon by just a hair.
3. Hayden nominated Brendon and Ragan for eviction.
4. All that practicing we saw during Big Brother After Dark paid off—Ragan won POV, and, unsurprisingly, removed himself from the block. (Brendon’s plea was pretty funny, though: “I forgot to tie my shoes…and that’s why I lost.” When you know it’s a lost cause, it’s best to have some fun with it.)
5. Hayden nominated Britney as the replacement nominee.
6. In a second unanimous vote, Brendon was evicted.

And then there were five: Hayden, Enzo, Lane, Britney, and Ragan. I won’t miss Matt the liar, but I was rooting for Brendon and I’m sad that he’s gone… but happy that he gets to see Rachel. Hopefully she’s less dramatic in the Jury House; if not, Matt’s in for some rough times.

It looks pretty open-and-shut for the remaining houseguests: Hayden, Lane, and Enzo have the numbers. Britney might get support from Lane, but he did say his loyalty lies with the Brigade. Ragan will have to fight hard to survive if he doesn’t win HOH on Sunday. Best case scenario, Britney or Ragan wins HOH and puts up Enzo and Hayden, with Lane as a backdoor option (although Britney might put up Ragan over Lane, even though it would be a bad move for her). I know a lot of people are rooting for the Brigade, but they only got so far because the rest of the house was far too unobservant for far too long. They’re exposed now, but it’s too late. If someone in the house had been a little smarter, they would have been out—there’s very little brainpower there, and despite all the brawn, very few wins. The Brigade has been the laziest, most do-nothing alliance I’ve ever seen, and I don’t think they deserve to be rewarded for it.

All of my eggs are in Britney’s basket now—as the last lady left, and such an underdog at that, she just has to win. But, ultimately, I have no control and I’ve enjoyed this season. Regardless of who takes home the half-mil, I’ll be back next summer.

See you next week! If I have any updates before Sunday, I’ll post some spoilers.

I’ve found out who wins HOH. Don’t read on if you don’t want to be spoiled.

According to TVSquad, the new HOH is Lane. So, now we have to wonder what he’ll do. Will he put up his friend (and love interest) Britney alongside Ragan? Or will he turn on his Brigade buddies? I’m hoping for the latter, but we’ll see.

‘Big Brother’: Britney’s replacement nominee

24 08 2010

This entire post (it’s short) is one spoiler after another. Don’t read further if you don’t want to know.

I watched Big Brother After Dark for the first time last night, and it was kind of boring (it was late and I fell asleep after awhile), but Matt’s conversation with Hayden was pretty telling.

It seems that Brendon won Power of Veto this week (and for some reason, his head is shaved while Enzo is wearing a ridiculous penguin suit). I said earlier that winning POV was the only way Brendon would survive the week, and the man pulled through! He’s much stronger now without Rachel, since he’s fighting for both of them (I love how he calls her “my girlfriend”) and she’s not causing a whirlwind of drama around them. I hope he pulls through and wins the whole thing, because he was such an underdog.

In any case, it seems Matt and Ragan have had some sort of fight (I think it’s possible that Matt campaigned against Ragan after Brendon won the POV, and Ragan found out) and Matt is up on the block as Britney’s replacement nominee. This will ensure that either Matt or Enzo goes home, effectively splitting the Brigade. Huzzah!

Big Brother is going to be really interesting from here on out. I’m going to take my chances and assume that Matt goes home this week, since no one can really trust him and they’re starting to figure that out. That will leave Britney, Ragan, Brendon, Enzo, Hayden, and Lane. If Brendon aligns with Hayden and Enzo and Ragan and Britney stick it out together, Lane will be the one straddling two alliances (Britney and the Brigade) instead of Matt, putting him in some danger. But really, we’re at a point where no one is safe. There are a lot of secrets, but with only six people it’s hard to keep them secret.

I’m really excited for Wednesday and Thursday. I never do mid-week posts like this, so that should tell you just how wrapped up in this season I am. I’m hoping that either Brendon or Britney wins it all; they’re my faves.

‘Big Brother’: Britney’s nominations

23 08 2010

Britney Haynes, the hilarious blonde bombshell, is last woman standing in the Big Brother 12 house, and she’s queen of the castle this week. After Brendon’s Britney-directed attack a couple of weeks ago (which wasn’t necessarily the best or most calculated way to save Rachel), it was no surprise that he went up again. I was pretty sure who Britney’s second nominee would be (I tried to avoid the spoilers this weekend, but it’s so hard!), but the politicking leading up to it was worth watching.

Britney Haynes

We love Britney.

The Brigade is in shambles, but I still wouldn’t be surprised if a handful of them made it to the end. If Hayden or Enzo (assuming he makes it through this week) wins Head of Household anytime soon, Matt will probably be sent home. I’m not sure if Lane will stay true to the Brigade or to Britney; he obviously has a serious crush on the girl, and “bros before hos” doesn’t always hold up. If Lane and Matt align with Britney and Ragan, Enzo and Hayden will remain in serious trouble—which is okay by me, honestly.

I understand why the guys were making fun of Britney’s fiance, but seriously guys? Petty much? If the lady thinks he’s a Greek god, let her be happy with the man of her dreams. It was fun watching Lane bench press all that weight, though.

Brendon is really a sitting duck. If he stays on the block this week, I’m 99% sure he’ll be going home. He can be dangerous in challenges, as last week’s HOH win proved, and his only redeeming quality for the other houseguests is that he’d be good to sit beside in the final two because he’d only get Rachel’s vote. However, he’s a strong candidate for winning POV this week—he’s been shown to power through and come out on top when he needs to. My only question is whether or not he cares enough to stay in the game. He wants to fight for Rachel, sure, but hanging out with her in the Jury House must sound like a sweet deal too. Either way, Brendon can’t lose this week. He either gets to keep fighting for her or actually be with her.

Overall, he’s my pick to go home. If he wins POV, Britney might put up Matt, but I’m not sure. Hayden’s a good bet, too. Either way, if Brendon manages to survive, a Brigade member is probably out, and I can’t say I’ll be upset about that. They do nothing except brag about how awesome they are, and I’d love to see them knocked down a peg or two.

Check back for POV and elimination coverage (chock full of more awesome speculation!) later this week.

‘Big Brother’: Blindsided! and Britney’s important win

20 08 2010

Despite its snooze-worthy start, this week turned out to be an exciting one in the Big Brother house. When Brendon opened Pandora’s Box, romantic me was really hoping that he and Rachel would be reunited, if even for a few minutes—but I already knew that he would be missing while she was there, and honestly, watching him eat dinner (“This is really good,” he said to no one except maybe an off-screen cameraperson or producer) and float in the pool all alone was sad but amusing. I do like Brendon, I just think he’s made some bad decisions in this game. (At least they were done in the name of love.) In the end, it’s be great it if he could beat the odds and take home the half-mil.

The Brigade reacts to Rachel's return

The Brigade reacts to Rachel's return

Rachel’s 24-hour reign of terror unfolded as expected—“Haha, I’m back, bitches!”—except for Ragan’s outburst. Rachel was asking for it, parading around and shoving cookies under his nose when she knows he’s a Have-Not, but he was blatantly cruel even if he said things that were probably true. (Example: “Your boobs are a lie, your face is a lie. The only thing honest about you is the pimples on your chin.”) Rachel is obnoxious, silly, vengeful, and a bit delusional, but she’s not a purposefully mean person. I’d have a little more respect for her if she’d been able to insult Ragan for something other than his sexuality. Ultimately, he won that one, and I’m glad he wasn’t afraid to stand up to her even if he didn’t do it in the best way.

As we know, Ragan won the Power of Veto and removed himself from the block. Based on Rachel’s pretzel message (no, people, pens and paper are not allowed in the house—Ragan must have gotten his sabotage supplies from the producers in the Diary Room), Brendon put up Matt in his place. We all knew Matt would use the Diamond Power of Veto; the only question was who he would nominate. I was hoping it would be Hayden or Enzo, because the only thing the Brigade is good at is keeping their alliance a secret. Besides Hayden’s single HOH win, those guys have done absolutely nothing except whine about everyone else and brag about their power. But they’re all still there, so they’re doing something right.

But no, Matt blindsided poor Kathy, who was blamed for the Saboteur’s antics. She didn’t even get to pack her bags or see recorded messages from her fellow houseguests when she was sent home with a 5-0 vote. The other houseguests’ celebrations to and from the Diary Room were, I think, simply due to the fact that they would no longer have to choose between two people they were aligned with. I believe everyone liked Kathy, she just had no firm alliance and was always out early in competitions.

What’s next? Britney’s the new Head of Household, and I firmly believe that despite her promises, she’ll put up Brendon. She thinks herself aligned with Ragan and Matt, so they’re both safe. Her only other option is to nominate someone from the Brigade. It won’t be Lane, so either Enzo or Hayden is probably in danger, and it’s yet to be seen whether Matt will have their backs. Matt’s sitting pretty right now with one foot planted firmly in each side of the house, but at least Enzo and Hayden are catching on. If Matt goes to the Final Four with the Brigade, they’ll take him out. And if Enzo or Hayden goes up beside Brendon this week, Brendon’s chances of making it through are pretty much shot. He’ll need both Hayden and Enzo to stick by him if he’s going to stay, unless he wins POV.

It’s not looking good for Brendon, or for the Brigade if they want to stay intact. But things can change in a matter of seconds in the Big Brother house, so I’m looking forward to Sunday. At least Ragan’s reign as the Saboteur is officially over (I’m glad he gets his 20K!). See you next week!