Jess’s Fall TV: What you can expect to read about.

27 08 2010

Fall Leaves photoMy TV schedule changes with the leaves. I will continue to blog Weeds, True Blood, and Big Brother until their respective finales, but this fall, I’ll be watching:

America’s Next Top Model, CW, Wednesdays at 8. Premiere: Sept. 8. I’ll be DVRing this one once Survivor starts, but I should still be able to blog about it.

New day! After 9 years of airing on Thursdays, Survivor (CBS) is moving to Wednesdays at 8. Premiere: Sept. 15; this season takes place in Nicaragua. This show is basically why I started a TV blog, so you can expect plenty of coverage.

Grey’s Anatomy, ABC, Thursdays at 9. Premiere: Sept. 23.

Private Practice, ABC, Thursdays at 10. Premiere: Sept. 23.
(GA and PP are so related that I may combine posts; we’ll see how it goes. I am taking two classes and working full time this fall.)

Dexter, Showtime, Sundays at 9. Premiere: Sept. 26.

The Walking Dead, AMC. Premieres on Halloween—Sunday, Oct. 31, at 9. It conflicts with Dexter, so the DVR will be getting some action.


-I’m behind on Gossip Girl, so although it premieres on Monday, Sept. 13 (CW, 9 PM), I probably will not be able to cover it. Unless I catch up. Hmm….

House starts on Monday, Sept. 20 (8 PM, Fox), but I’m a few episodes behind still. We’ll see.

-I’m going to give Shit My Dad Says a try, but I don’t know if I’ll blog about it. If not, I’ll at least give you my initial reaction and review. Premiere: Thursday, Sept. 23, 8:30 PM. (CBS).

-I’m still behind on The Office and 30 Rock, but they both start on Thursday, Sept. 23 on NBC.

The Amazing Race (CBS, Sundays, 8:30) premieres on Sept. 26, but I’m not sure yet if I’ll blog about it.

Is there anything else you want covered? Check out EW‘s Fall Cheat Sheet for a full list of premiere dates.


‘Big Brother’: Brendon without Rachel means weird nominations

16 08 2010

First of all, I’d like to inform my readers that this week’s True Blood post will be up later than usual. We moved this weekend and, despite two technician visits and several hours on the phone yelling at Comcast, we still don’t have 100% working cable at our new apartment. It should be fixed tonight, in time for the Weeds premiere (fingers crossed). Regardless, I will watch and post about True Blood this evening or tomorrow morning.

Fortunately, I get CBS! Unfortunately, golf was on at 8PM last night. I watched Big Brother over a live Internet stream and I missed the first 15 minutes or so, but I got enough of an idea to continue this week’s speculation.

Brendon wearing his HOH key

Brendon still looks like a sad puppy even after winning HOH

I was ecstatic that Brendon won Head of Household (and I love that Britney, Ragan, and Matt were whining about being Have-Nots again—if you don’t want to eat snails, win the competitions!), only to find myself disappointed at the boringness of his reign. Sundays are the most snooze-worthy Big Brother nights in my opinion, and last night was pretty bad.

But, as predicted, the Brigade is starting to rip at the seams. Hayden and Enzo are uncomfortable with Matt’s friendship with Ragan and Lane’s friendship with Britney; Hayden even said that he trusted Brendon more than Matt right now, and wanted to pull him in. It remains to be seen if they’re serious, but at least it’s interesting.

This conversation seems to have led to Brendon’s change of heart. Instead of putting up two of his Have-Nots, Brendon decided to try and split up one of the known friendships/possible alliances by putting up Lane and Ragan. This will surely lead to a more divided house as people rally around the person more important to their own games. But the question remains: Will the Brigade save Lane, or assume that with three members they can go just as far as with four (or pull Brendon in)? And will the Brigade, as an alliance, hold together throughout this week?

I’m also wondering how Ragan’s fear for his own life will affect his position as the Saboteur. There have been complaints that he’s not actually doing anything, just recording messages to try and freak people out and confuse them. I’m starting to miss Annie’s smoke bombs and door-locking, and I hope Ragan steps up his game a little this week. CBS, force him to take action!

If Ragan makes it through this Thursday, he’ll win 20 grand—which is great for him. But I think Lane has more friends in the house, assuming the Brigade still wants him around. I’d predict that Kathy would vote to keep Ragan, but Matt and Britney might both be torn between friendship and alliances. Will Matt use the Diamond Power of Veto to remove Ragan from the block and therefore keep the Saboteur in the house? That might be too risky a move for him (personally, I’m shocked that his nonchalance about nominations didn’t clue people in to his hidden power).

Spoiler Alert!!! Don’t keep reading if you’re avoiding spoilers!

Julie Chen hinted at this so it’s not as big a spoiler as some others. Apparently, when Brendon opens Pandora’s Box, Rachel is able to return to the house for 24 hours and stir stuff up. It also seems that during this time, Brendon is missing—maybe they switch places? I’m not sure on all the details, but I’m excited for the next show!

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TV Issues

10 06 2010

Last night, our living room TV decided that after over six years of dutiful and frequent service, it had absolutely and without a doubt had enough. All we have now is a pitch black screen. We do have two other TVs in the house, but both are HD, and the living room TV, and therefore the cable box, DVR, et cetera, is standard definition.

Yeah, I know: “You blog about TV and you don’t have an HD setup? What?” The simple answer is that we’re planning to upgrade when we move, but we a) already had this setup going when we purchased our HD TV sets and did not want to pay for a second Comcast service fee to upgrade, and b) we both really like having our own TVs in our own rooms and don’t want to swap anything around. If I get desperate, I might try to pull the cable box into my bedroom and see what happens, or pick up an HD DVR from a Comcast center and just set it up in my room. But the main goal is getting a new TV, because we like being social here in Jessland.

We’re on the hunt for a large, cheap tube TV to replace the living room TV and hold us over until we move and upgrade our living room setup to HD (yay!). I’ll try to keep up with shows—True Blood is starting in three days, so I’m desperate to have a new TV before then. I wish I could just set the DVR and have everything recorded when I get a new TV, but I can’t see the screen to set it. It’s really and truly dead.

Thanks for bearing with me! I’m still amazed that we actually wore out a TV.

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