Reality TV Roundup: ‘Big Brother,’ the ‘America’s Next Top Model’ premiere, and Ali & Roberto in Boston!

9 09 2010

First, Big Brother. Last night was devastating for a lot of us—I can tell by the Google searches people use to find my blog that Britney Haynes is a fan favorite, and her eviction, though expected, was disappointing. I really don’t want Lane, Hayden, or Enzo to win, and now there is no other option. It almost feels like I’ve wasted my summer when there’s no one to support, but I’m hoping one of the guys will give me a reason to root for him before next Wednesday’s finale. I don’t really care who wins this final HOH, but if I had to pick one person to not make it to the final two, I’d pick Hayden. Lane’s a rich jerk but I like him because he liked Britney, and Enzo, though a poor competitor, has a little baby to look out for. I suppose Hayden was the best at challenges and he played hard to win, but I can’t stand his personality or his constant yelling in the Diary Room. Watch, Hayden will win HOH now. Just watch. Vote for the Fan Favorite!

America’s Next Top Model premiered last night. I usually don’t have much to say about reality TV premieres because I don’t know the contestants yet, and this one is no exception. But, this season seems like Top Model on speed—the theme is high fashion, so the model wannabes will have some crazy tasks ahead of them. The “pretty” girls, those who lack ability and just rely on their looks, will probably be out early. The really tall dorky girl, Ann, is my initial favorite because she’s the quirky underdog, but my opinions might change as the season progresses. Note that if I have to miss a show, I usually pick this one—my coverage may be spotty.

And finally, for all you Bachelorette fans, here’s a shot (taken from Ali’s Twitter account) of “Aliberto” at Fenway Park this week. Miss Fedotowsky herself threw out the first pitch at Tuesday night’s game!

Ali and Roberto at Fenway Park

Ali and Roberto at Fenway Park

I’m glad they’re still happy and in love since that gorgeous proposal in Bora Bora.

Talk to you soon! Less than a week until the Survivor premiere!


‘The Bachelorette’: Ali’s Storybook Ending

3 08 2010

After weeks of nail-biting speculation, it’s official: Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez are engaged. Ultimately, Reality Steve’s assertion that she would pick no one at the final Rose Ceremony was correct—Ali picked Roberto before the final Rose Ceremony when she sent Chris home prior to their last date. But I still don’t think that’s quite what Reality Steve meant, because Ali sure didn’t go home single or brokenhearted! In fact, it looks like US Weekly got it right this time.

Roberto proposing to Ali.

Roberto proposing to Ali on last night's 'The Bachlorette' finale.

I really enjoyed the ‘After the Final Rose’ special, but I was sad that Frank didn’t show up. There has been a lot of speculation regarding whether or not he’d be there, and Chris Harrison explained that he bailed at the last minute. I did expect that, as there have been reports that he was in Chicago when the special was filmed. I would have liked to hear his take on the finale and what his life’s been like since he left (that is, if he made the right decision and is happy with Nicole). But c’est la vie!

At least Ali came face-to-face with Chris for the first time after dumping him in Bora Bora. He took it in stride, although he was obviously still hurt—unlike Kirk, who had apparently moved on by the time he appeared on ‘The Men Tell All.’ But Chris was gracious and a complete gentleman, as we’ve come to expect, and appreciative of Ali’s honesty. And I mean… it was pretty clear last night when Ali arrived at Chris’s Bora Bora abode that they wouldn’t be going on a date. It was all over her face.

Chris would have been my choice, but I’m not Ali. All I’ve wanted this whole season, ever since she drew me in with her bubbly personality, honesty, and upbeat attitude, is for the show to end with her happiness. And last night, she looked ecstatic, relieved, and excited. She and Roberto seem to be truly in love, and my opinion of the man doesn’t matter. (He seems like a nice guy, just… you know… kind of boring.) Now, let’s hope Ali and Roberto’s love doesn’t go the way of Jake and Vienna’s or Jillian and Ed’s…or most of the other relationships in Bachelor/Bachelorette history… but if it does, check back for details!

Is anyone out there planning to watch Bachelor Pad?

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‘The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All,’ and finale speculation

28 07 2010

Monday night’s special episode, The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All, was little more than a Justin and Frank bash fest. Justin deserves it, surely, but if it’s true what they’re saying about Frank wanting to leave sooner but the producers forcing him to stay for drama’s sake, then the man deserves less blame than I initially threw across his shoulders. If it’s not true, though, I still stand by my earlier comments: He ultimately did as close to the right thing as possible (the right thing would be to not come on the show at all, and it was too late for that), but he should have done it sooner.

As for Justin, I hope I never see him on TV again and that this whole thing blew up right in his smug face. I hope both girlfriends dumped him, and he finds himself in need of a new career. Sure, it’s just a TV show, and I’m not one to wish evil on people. But what he did was disgraceful, manipulative, and immature, and no one should be screwing with three women’s hearts at once. (Let’s ignore the inherent hypocrisy that comes with shows like The Bachelorette, kay?)

Kirk was so graceful, Craig R. was funny but he talked too much, Kasey made me laugh (in a good way), and the other Chris was chattier than I’d ever seen him—and that Phantom stuff was pretty hilarious. Actually, the outtakes were the funniest and most entertaining part of the show, because despite the special’s name, the men really just rehashed what we already knew.

I will not be covering Bachelor Pad, just to let you know in advance. This might change… but I doubt it.

Ali Fedotowsky, this season's BacheloretteThe following is pure speculation and is not meant to contain spoilers.
Come Monday night, we’ll finally have an answer to the burning question: Who the heck does the lovely Ali Fedotowsky pick as her husband? A rumor originating from Reality Steve says she picks no one. But like many fans, I doubt that’s the outcome. (And I’ll be really disappointed if it is—I know this is Ali’s insane love adventure and ultimately she has to do what’s right for her, but she strung all of us along, too!) Although people seem to think Ali was all set to pick Frank and she could not recover in time to decide on Roberto or Chris, I felt throughout the season that Frank was her dark horse (“My relationship with you scares me,” she said) and that he was consistently in third place. I always assumed that she would have sent him home and we’d have the same final two we do now. I could be wrong, though, and knowing that Frank appears on the After the Final Rose special makes me think something crazy might happen, like she rejects both Chris and Roberto and Frank proposes to her instead (after he realizes that yeah, Nicole was an ex for a reason). But, we shall see.

Between the last two guys standing, I’m still pulling for Chris. He’s well-rounded, sensitive, hilarious, and overall really great husband material. But I think she’s going to pick Roberto (if she picks anyone). They’ve had chemistry since the beginning, and the extra footage on The Men Tell All showcased the funny side of him rather than the snoozefest side. Of course, it’ll depend on her parents’ opinions too, and I’m really excited to see Monday’s episode.

What do you all think? The cute, funny guy from Cape Cod with the great family, or the sexy baseball player turned salsa dancer? I’ll be back next week for my last post on The Bachelorette—until next season, of course!

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The Bachelorette: Frank Bids Ali Farewell

20 07 2010

I’m having epic love/hate feelings for Frank today. On one hand, he did the right thing by finally deciding to go back to Nicole in Chicago, if that’s where his heart truly led him. On the other hand, he absolutely should have told Ali sooner if he was having conflicting feelings. He really broke her heart, and I feel awful for her. First Justin, and now Frank—and in both cases, there were guys from the week before (Kasey and Kirk) who would gladly take the shamed men’s places. Frank was honest as soon as he knew his feelings, at least, but he should have mentioned his insecurities sooner instead of leading Ali on.

(Let’s just disregard the fact that the guys have shared Ali with each other for the entire course of the show, shall we? That’s what this journey is about, and the hypocritical nature of it is unavoidable.)

I missed most of Roberto’s date because the episode’s first 20 minutes were replaced by a severe weather warning here in Massachusetts, but I’m glad he finally told her that he’s “falling in love” with her. He seemed slightly less boring in this episode, but only slightly. He’s such a dud of a man. They seemed to have fun in that couples’ suite—but again, so did Ali and Chris.

I’m still totally all for Chris, and I hope Ali picks him in two weeks. (Since, you know, I’m taken.) He seems genuine and kind-hearted, more so than all the other guys—except maybe Kasey—and he actually said, “God, I love you,” instead of just the obligatory “I’m falling for you.”

I’m really curious about what happened in those couples’ suites, but I’ll leave that information to Ali and her suitors. I’m glad that Frank left before putting himself in such a compromising position, which would have ultimately hurt Ali more. And Ali ensuring that both Chris and Roberto know that they are accepting the rose—and therefore accepting her, and committing to her—was a good move and a nice touch.

So, next week we have the guys’ reunion. Who’s excited? I wish the episodes were reversed, with Ali’s choice next week and the reunion the week after, but I suppose this is a good method for keeping The Bachelor and The Bachelorette audience interested for as long as possible.

They’re out of order, but I’ll have a True Blood post for you shortly.

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The Bachelorette: Meetin’ the Families

13 07 2010

I remain amazed at how well Ali can have relationships—seemingly real, true, honest, caring relationships—with four guys at once. It’s the ultimate compartmentalization. My boyfriend thinks it’s a little trashy, but I feel like that’s what the girl is there for. Let her have her transcontinental love adventure.

Since we’re down to so few guys, let’s look at the hometown visits one by one.

Roberto’s family was basically what I expected. The women were a little blonder than I thought they might be, but that’s really it. He was cute in his baseball uniform, and his dad’s quite a bruiser. But dude, he’s still so boring. He makes me want to fall asleep. I really hope Ali doesn’t end up with him, but ultimately it’s her call—if she wants to live out her days in Yawnsville, she can. She seems to have fun with him, so that’s good.

Chris is still by far my 100% favorite. If I wasn’t overwhelmingly happy in my own relationship (don’t be mad, honey), I’d want him for myself! His family is so close and genuine, even the sisters-in-law, and his father’s talk with Ali legit made me tear up. And I hardly cry. Even onions have trouble getting me to cry. The Chris-and-Ali banter on the porch made me so happy, and Chris truly glows when Ali is around. I want them to get married and have lots of Massachusetts babies.

Kirk’s dad’s basement was a little freaky, but I was happy to see Ali rise to the occasion. She had a great conversation with the man despite the multitude of taxidermied animals. Can we say “overkill”? (Har har. I bet I’m not the first one to make that horrid joke today.)

And Frank’s family was great too, but his insecurity is starting to get to me. I know marriage is a huge, life-altering decision, but if it freaks you out so much, why did you come on The Bachelorette? It looks like he’s gonna tuck his tail between his legs and run away from Ali and Tahiti next week, though.

The elimination, while sad, was predictable. I knew it would be either Kirk or Frank, and Kirk’s lack of a solid relationship history really worked against him. It’s hard to be prepared for marriage if you’ve never had a long-term relationship before, and Ali knows that. Kirk might not, and I wouldn’t want to marry him either. Sure, some marriages work right out of the gate—plenty of people get arranged marriages, even today. But in modern American society, most of us practice at love and relationships beginning in high school (if not earlier). Kirk probably had a lot of short-term experience, but that doesn’t necessarily bode well for a successful marriage. It doesn’t mean he and Ali wouldn’t have worked, but it was just too risky for her.

Ultimately, though, I think keeping Frank was the bigger risk. We’ll see next week….

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The Bachelorette: Whittling Away

6 07 2010

Before I go into Ali and her suitors, I have to give a big WTF to the producers for putting that Jake/Vienna drivel on for a whole half hour. I did not see that season of The Bachelor (or any season, really—I like watching a bunch of guys striving for one woman much more than watching a bunch of girls falling all over each other for one guy… maybe it’s a feminism thing), so I have no emotional attachment to either of them, but geez. I hate it, but after watching the whole damn conversation I have to side with Jake. Yeah, he could be a douche and a poser, he could just be acting, but at least he approached the conversation with a level head and stuck to his story. Vienna was all over the place, and I had almost no sympathy for her. I’m sure that she’s being honest about Jake’s coldness, but that sort of thing belongs behind closed doors, not all over the tabloids when your fiance is out of town. And also, she says she wants to go back to Florida and one of the reasons she hates Jake is that he won’t let her, but as soon as they’re broken up, she gets a job in LA? Her story doesn’t add up for me at all. I believe that Jake likely got wrapped up in the show business thing and stopped caring about her, but her behavior was just ridiculous. I’d get angry if my partner interrupted me every two seconds too.

My advice: Stay classy, ladies.

Now, on to little miss Ali. I bet she’s glad Jake didn’t take her back now! She seems much cooler than Vienna (and if someone who saw their episode of The Bachelor cares to weigh in about how the two of them acted before, that’d be awesome), and I’m glad she got her own soul-searching televised love adventure.

These comments are beginning to get on my nerves: “I think I might be falling for Ali,” “I’m beginning to have strong feelings for Ali,” etc. They all say it, and I really want someone to just straight-up admit that he loves her. Roberto’s “strong feelings” are the worst, in my opinion. What does that even mean? If a guy I’d been dating for however long this season has been on for only told me he had “strong feelings” and expected me to want to marry him, I’d laugh in his face.

Of the guys left, Chris is by far my favorite. I’m really, really glad that he opened up to Ali this week and convinced her that he wanted to be there, because my heart was pounding at Ali’s insecurity when their date started. And he was so hilariously cautious on that moped!

The one I’m still not sure about is Kirk. I think part of Ali’s feelings for him are grounded in sympathy, and he might be playing it up a bit. I’m not entirely convinced he’s ready to settle down.

Roberto is a sexy yawnfest. That’s all I got. He opens his mouth, I yawn. Boring boring boring. But the preview of his family visit looks dramatic, what with his dad basically wondering if Ali is good enough for him, so yay for that. I hate drama in my own life, but watching other peoples’ drama unfold on reality TV is awesome.

My boyfriend was convinced that Ali would send Frank home, but I think she likes the danger and instability of his feelings. It’s exciting for her. And it looks like he’ll either leave (or try to) next week anyway. I’m sad that my class is starting, but I’ll be hittin’ the DVR when I get home.

And poor Ty. I saw it coming, even though I tried to ignore it. As soon as she gave Frank a rose, I knew the divorced guy would be cut loose. Didn’t he and his ex-wife split only about three months before he came on the show? Even if he thinks he’s ready, it was a risk Ali just wasn’t willing to take. Compounded with his traditional ideas and family, she was just too afraid she’d wind up unhappy and trapped. But their goodbye was touching, and I was sorry to see him go.

What’s up for Ali next week? Looks like lots of awesome mayhem. My hope for the season is that Ali picks Chris. Maybe his Massachusetts family will win her over. If she goes for the sexy bore, well… I hope she’s happy. Somehow I don’t see Kirk and Frank making it to the end, but who knows?

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The Bachelorette: “You’re gonna regret this!”

29 06 2010

I hate that I like Ali, but truly, she just gets more and more awesome with each episode. The fear on her face (which my boyfriend perceived as anger) when Chris Harrison said that Jessie had some serious news for her was tangible and just served to make her more endearing. She’s so nice, and friendly, and fun, and it’s no wonder these guys are fighting for her heart. She’s really in this to find love (my boyfriend doesn’t think so, but more on that in a bit).

I think she could have approached the Justin situation with a bit more tact and privacy, but embarrassing someone when you’re pissed at them can be pretty cathartic. And it was really fun to watch him run away with his tail between his legs. Those voicemails at the end made me want to punch him in the face for leading Ali on. Now, I was convinced that the person with a girlfriend at home was Frank, but according to the previews he just gets freaked out and leaves. But we’ll see next week. Personally, I’m glad it was Justin—although I, like Ali, was fooled by his acting, he had started to rub me the wrong way lately with his snide comments and egotism. I like everyone else still there much better (Chris L.—Massachusetts homeboy—is totally my favorite). And now I feel even worse for poor Kasey, even though I agreed with Ali’s decision to send him home; he was getting a little unstable out there.

My boyfriend tried to argue that Ali had no right to be angry because she’s doing the exact same thing as Justin. She’s dating multiple people (counterpoint: they all know about it and knew what they were getting into) and she also gave up her great job to be on a television show and, he argues, to jump-start an acting career (counterpoint: Ali did it to find a husband and there’s no evidence that she wants to be an actress, although she does look great on camera; Justin seems to have already found his wife, and planned to string Ali along to get himself more airtime). So, I think the boy is wrong. The funny part is that the guys on the show were right from the start, but I guess they had a lot more insight than either Ali or me, considering they had to live with the jerk.

I also admire Ali’s decision to skip the cocktail party. It was obvious that she had less chemistry with Craig than the rest of the guys, and while I feel bad for him, I think she made the right choice. Craig seems like a great guy—funny, smart, successful—but Ali also wants someone who gets her all hot and bothered, and Craig wasn’t that person. So who’s left? Chris L. and Roberto look like the frontrunners, although Ali obviously still really likes Frank and Ty. Will she rekindle those hot, sexy feelings with Kirk before the next rose ceremony? If Frank leaves on his own accord, will the other guys get all terrified about commitment as well and leave poor Ali hanging? I really want this girl to find true love, because it’s a great feeling and she deserves it.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to watch. I never thought I’d like The Bachelorette this much—I stopped watching about three episodes into Jillian’s season because I got busy—but it has become one of my TV priorities. (Ali is great, but seeing those steamy guys with their shirts off every week is awesome too.) Unfortunately, I have a Monday/Wednesday night class starting on July 7th, so my posts might be a little later in the weeks to come. But, again, thank goodness for DVR.

I hope this experience ruins Rated R‘s wrestling career for good.

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