Rebooting ‘Buffy’ without Joss Whedon is probably a bad idea.

23 11 2010

This reboot is dead to us.

You’ve probably heard: Joss Whedon’s cult movie (which spawned the popular television show), Buffy the Vampire Slayer, is getting a new reboot—and Joss isn’t invited to the party.

The official press release says, “Atlas’ Charles Roven and Steve Alexander will produce the feature film alongside Doug Davison and Roy Lee of Vertigo Entertainment (The Ring, How to Train Your Dragon, The Departed). Whit Anderson is writing the script. Warner Bros. Pictures optioned the rights from creators Fran and Kaz Kuzui, and from Sandollar Productions (Sandy Gallin and Dolly Parton), for Atlas and Vertigo to produce.”

It seems only the movie, not the television show, is available to reboot. I’m hoping that means that Xander, Willow, Giles, Spike, Angel, and the rest are safe, but there are very few details available right now. The movie’s release is slated for 2011 or 2012, so more information should be forthcoming.

I’ve been reading articles all over the Internet, and the general response among Buffy fans is overwhelmingly negative. Whedon himself has a dedicated following, and he isn’t behind the reboot idea either: “I always hoped that Buffy would live on even after my death. But, you know, AFTER. I don’t love the idea of my creation in other hands,” he said.

David Boreanaz reacts to the news.

“There is an active fan base eagerly awaiting this character’s return,” said producer Charles Roven. Too bad for him: we want Whedon’s character, not Whit Anderson’s. It looks to me like WB is grossly overestimating the movie’s potential fan base, since dedicated Whedon fans are already bowing out—and not gracefully or quietly.

This out-of-canon movie reboot is looking like the new Star Trek (you know, the Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto one) for Buffy fans, and we’re dreading it from the start. And if this gets in the way of WB following through on theVeronica Mars movie, which fans and the actors and the creator DO want, I will be very pissed off.

What do you think, guys? Does the idea of a reboot bother you, or are you okay with it? Would you ever see this movie, even if the new cast rocks?

Grave stone image credit: Dr. Insano, a user on io9. The original screen shot from the show belongs to Fox.
DB image credit: Hart Hanson’s Twitter.


True Blood: Season 3 Premiere

14 06 2010

I cannot even tell you how happy I was to see these opening credits again.

I first wrote about True Blood almost a year ago, when I had just finished marathoning season one and was about to start season two. (You can read about that here.) I loved the show then, but now? It’s a Sunday night staple, and I’ve missed it since season two ended. I enjoyed season two, but not as much as season one. I couldn’t stand Mary Ann—not that you’re supposed to like villains, but my favorite lady villains are like Glory from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

For memory’s sake:

Anyway. I don’t want to spoil anything, because I know a lot of people don’t have HBO and may not have seen the True Blood premiere yet. But before I return to watching the newest Bachelorette episode, I’ll tell you the one thing I’m super-duper excited about: werewolves. And not like the hulking, silly half-man/half-beast werewolves. The awesome, just-looks-like-a-big-wolf kind. Totally my favorite.

And P.S., we got a new TV.

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