’24’: The Jack Bauer Power Hour isn’t over yet!

27 10 2010

The 24 feature film is in development and set to be released in 2012, but fans just weren’t satisfied by the final moments before the clock ticked down in the series finale.

We got used to Jack Bauer’s routine. Each new season starts with him in hiding/returned from torture in China/just plain old sick of saving the damn day every damn time, then ends with him being done with CTU’s bullshit—until he’s needed again the next season. Season 8 was no exception. It ended with Jack on the run and Chloe, CTU’s new director, helping him escape.

Did you think she’d get away with it? The 24 cast and crew sure didn’t. There will be an epilogue in the season 8 DVD set called “Chloe’s Arrest,” where our favorite snarky, geeky CTU agent is interrogated for her role in Jack’s escape.

The DVD set will be available on December 14th. Hopefully, it’ll satisfy Bauer fans until the 2012 movie. I know I can always use a little more Jack in my life!