NBC to Revive ‘Fear Factor’

2 06 2011

I just got some amazing news from Emtertainment Weekly: NBC is planning to revive the classic action reality series Fear Factor, which was a staple of my late-night TV watching during college, when I had pretty epic insomnia.

My dad and I were just talking last weekend about how much we love watching people get dumped into tubs full of rats and driving cars across huge pits. Even the occasional gross food challenge on Survivor could never match the awesomeness that is Fear Factor.

I’ll cross my fingers for a triumphant return for Joe Rogan, the original show’s host, but EW says, “it’s not yet clear who will host the revamp, or when the show will launch (midseason or next summer would be safe bets).” Either way, though, I’m so excited this show is returning.

Everybody cheer!