‘The Bachelor’: Why the heck do all these women love Brad Womack?

25 01 2011

Bachelor Brad WomackI don’t get it. The guy is hot, sure. He’s sweet, accepting, even kind. But he’s is mind-numbingly boring. Watching him interact with crying, jealous women for two hours nearly puts me to sleep. But like most reality TV fans, I love the drama. It gives me something with which to occupy my mind eyes for a couple of hours when I’ve had a long day and am sick of homework. And, to be fair, some of the girls seem nice.

Take Emily, for instance. Her sob-story is one for the books, and she’s a gorgeous Southern sweetheart. But I know Brad’s type just from looking at Jenni and DeAnna—both brunettes—and she doesn’t quite fit. Chantal, actually, looks more like the women that Brad favored before, and he seems to like her quite a bit. Shawntel is one of my favorites too. The rest of them don’t really stand out to me, or are just plain old crazy.

Which brings me to Michelle. It’s obvious to onlookers that Michelle is nuts, but she’s an actress in real life and she’s really pulling a big one over on Brad. I don’t like the guy, but I still want to grab him and shake him so he wakes up from whatever alternate reality he’s living in where Michelle is a “remarkable woman.”

I really feel for Emily next week, too. I know it’s all about the great illustrious ratings, but bringing a woman who lost her NASCAR-racing fiance in a plane crash to the race track is just plain old insensitive. She could have post-traumatic stress disorder or any number of issues when she’s around NASCAR, and I believe the producers are over the line on this one. It’s not like Chantal being afraid of the ocean or Michelle’s fear of heights. It’s an actual, legitimate, traumatic event, and the producers should be ashamed.

I hesitated before posting anything about The Bachelor because I wasn’t impressed at the beginning (and I’m still not, really). I’ve never watched The Bachelor before, and I really loved Ali’s season of The Bachelorette. I think it’s just natural for me to like The Bachelorette better: it’s more interesting and less embarrassing, as a woman, to watch one woman pick from thirty men than it is to watch thirty women fawning, crying, and getting their panties in a bunch over some boring dud of a dude. (Dud of a dude. Heh.) But to each his or her own, I guess.

Amidst our making fun of the cat fights and other antics, my boyfriend told me I should apply for the next season. My answer was an emphatic “hell no,” followed quickly by, “would you really want me to go on TV and make out with another guy?” to which his response was an emphatic “hell no”—so I guess that’s settled. 😉

What about you? Would you ever apply for a reality dating show? (Or a reality show in general?) Not only that, but would you ever marry someone that you met on a reality dating show, with the whole world watching?




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