Finally, a ‘Veronica Mars’ movie?

10 11 2010

The fans are behind it. The actors are behind it. Rob Thomas is behind it.
It’s only Warner Bros. who isn’t behind it, since low ratings led to the TV show’s cancellation in 2007. But what WB has continually forgotten about is the people who discovered the show after it was off the air—including me.

It all started when a friend, who had purchased several copies of Veronica Mars season one to give as holiday gifts, discovered she had a few without intended recipients. She offered to send them to people who were seriously interested in watching the series, and I requested one. I received it in the mail and was hooked within episodes. But this was after the show was canceled. I’ve since watched the series through at least three times and recommended it to several friends.

Now, according to TV Series Finale, WB has set up an email account to collect messages from the fans who have been demanding a movie. There’s no way to tell whether or not they’re serious, but even Rob Thomas is hopeful and sending an email takes, what, ten seconds? So, if you’re one of many TV lovers who are dying for more Veronica, send emails or petitions to “” (without the quotes). You’ll just get a form letter back, but it can’t hurt to try!

Dear Warner Bros.: I will pay to see a Veronica Mars movie in the theater.



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23 11 2010
Rebooting ‘Buffy’ without Joss Whedon is probably a bad idea. « Jess Blogs TV

[…] we’re dreading it from the start. And if this gets in the way of WB following through on theVeronica Mars movie, which fans and the actors and the creator DO want, I will be very pissed […]

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