‘Weeds’: The big reveal

9 11 2010

Here we are, less than a week from the season six finale. I had to stop and look up the news from September: Weeds was renewed, right? (Of course it was.) So, even though the preview for next week looks intense, Nancy will survive it.

I found myself really interested in Silas’s dilemma, and while I don’t want him to stay behind, I am glad that he found his real dad. This whole paternity kerfuffle is the kind of thing a show employs in its sixth season, so while it seems kind of random, I don’t mind it that much. Silas hasn’t ever fit in completely with the family, and he’s never been happy. It’s possible the writers planned this from the start, too. The father (who I called California Boy in my last post—I guess his name is Lars) seems pretty cool, at least, and not at all afraid of being a dad. I keep waiting for something bad to happen with him, though. Hunter Parrish should be on the show next season, though, so maybe none of the Botwins make it to Copenhagen. What would Nancy do there, anyway?

Doug is sadly pathetic. I’m glad Dana told him where to stick it, but I felt bad for him at the same time.

And I almost can’t believe Andy had someone chop a penis off of a cadaver. He’s pretty much my favorite character.

Maybe I missed it, but I’m not sure how the journalist, Vaughn, is connected to Esteban. Was that explained? Was Vaughn talking to Esteban when he said “I found her” at the end of the episode before this one? Either way, Nancy is sure in trouble.

Talk to you after next week’s finale!



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