I’m disgusted by last week’s ‘Private Practice’

21 10 2010

We’re back! I’ve decided that, instead of playing catch-up, we’re going to start fresh. Don’t expect too many back-dated posts about shows I missed due to family stuff/lack of computer. I’ll probably have brief reminders at the beginning of the new posts, but that’s it. So, I’ll write about Survivor later, but next week we’ll start with the new episodes of Weeds, Dexter, et cetera.

That said, I know I don’t blog about Grey’s Anatomy or Private Practice. To be honest, they’re my guilt shows—the ones I’ve been watching for so long that I can’t stop, even if the characters and plots are ridiculous. Grey’s, to be fair, has improved this season. Private Practice, though, is a teeming cesspool of selfishness. There’s a new episode on tonight, so this post is a little late, but I didn’t get to watch it until last night (thank goodness for DVR).

I absolutely cannot believe that not a single one of these rich, affluent doctors, who talk about their practice like they’re a family, would take in Betsey. She’s the orphaned daughter of one of their “family members,” for fuck’s sake! Cooper himself was a product of the foster care system, but he couldn’t take her because Charlotte didn’t want to. Violet would have, but Pete put forth a good argument about them just starting their own family—Lucas needs his mom’s undivided attention, after all they went through last season. But Addison? I cannot believe that the powerful, headstrong Addison Forbes Montgomery would bow to Sam’s wishes! Addison has always wanted a kid but couldn’t have one. The opportunity presents itself, but since Sam—who she just started dating! yes it was a long courtship, but please—already has a kid and a grandkid and doesn’t want Betsey around, she just gave in.

And now poor Betsey, who lost both her mom and dad, who started bonding with Violet only to be turned away by Pete, will have to go into foster care. Yes, it’s a TV show; all that will really happen is that the child actress won’t be on set for awhile. But in terms of suspending disbelief, I find the characters’ actions utterly reprehensible and their selfishness repulsive. I never thought I’d like Violet the most of any of them in any given situation, but she showed she had heart. The rest of them? Self-absorbed shells of human beings.

Shame on you, Shonda Rhimes, for making me dislike an entire cast of characters this much, especially when I used to adore them. If the show doesn’t improve after this abysmal episode, I’ll be deleting Private Practice from my DVR.



2 responses

5 12 2010

Wow, glad I wasn’t the only one. I literally deleted Private Practice from my season pass after that episode, that’s how D: I was that they put Betsey into the system. SMH.

5 12 2010
Jess Huckins

I’m still watching it. I really loved PP for a couple of seasons, even more than I did Grey’s, but this season hasn’t improved much. Have you seen any more of it?

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