‘Weeds’: a biology lesson

27 10 2010

I’ve not covered several episodes of Weeds this month—October has been nuts! Nancy and the crew have purchased and traded an amusingly-painted RV, been run out of town, sold weed at a kids’ concert, been to a pediatrician, and continued to evade detection.

But Nancy made the mistake of returning to her home town, a place where people know her—and giving Shane and Silas a chance to snoop around. Is Judah Silas’s dad, or is it really Nancy’s California-boy high school sweetheart?

Yes, Silas, blonde hair can skip a generation. A quick lesson in genetics (skip this if you don’t care; it probably isn’t new to you): Blonde hair is the result of two recessive genes. Recessive genes aren’t expressed unless a person gets one from each parent. Silas is blonde, so he got one from Nancy and one from whomever his father is (Judah or California boy). Nancy is a brunette with a blonde kid, so she has one recessive blonde gene from one parent and one dominant brunette gene from the other. She passed her recessive blonde gene on to Silas but the dominant brunette gene to Shane (and Stevie). If Judah had blonde people in his family, he could have passed on a recessive gene and therefore fathered Silas. If not, daddy dearest is California boy. In short, two brunettes can have blonde kids if there are blonde genes in their heritage, but two blondes cannot have brunette kids.

To illustrate, we have Punnett squares on Post-It Notes.

Punnett square 1: Nancy and Judah, if Judah has a recessive gene (yes, I forgot to put the “B” on the top and “b” on the bottom on Judah’s side. Sorry about that.)

Punnett square 2: Nancy and California Boy

Punnett square 3: Nancy and Judah, if Judah does NOT have a recessive gene

You probably knew all of that—it’s pretty simple bio. Now Silas needs to learn it!

Anyway, the guy Nancy met in the cemetery is, of course, trouble. He’ll sic the FBI (or Esteban) on Nancy and the kids soon, but for now, let’s just ponder this new “Silas’s daddy” mystery, conveniently dropped into the plot because Weeds is running out of steam. The we’re-on-the-run-but-oh-no-someone-spotted-us storyline is tired and needs to nap until next Monday.

Richard Dreyfuss kind of rocks, even if his character is creepy.


’24’: The Jack Bauer Power Hour isn’t over yet!

27 10 2010

The 24 feature film is in development and set to be released in 2012, but fans just weren’t satisfied by the final moments before the clock ticked down in the series finale.

We got used to Jack Bauer’s routine. Each new season starts with him in hiding/returned from torture in China/just plain old sick of saving the damn day every damn time, then ends with him being done with CTU’s bullshit—until he’s needed again the next season. Season 8 was no exception. It ended with Jack on the run and Chloe, CTU’s new director, helping him escape.

Did you think she’d get away with it? The 24 cast and crew sure didn’t. There will be an epilogue in the season 8 DVD set called “Chloe’s Arrest,” where our favorite snarky, geeky CTU agent is interrogated for her role in Jack’s escape.

The DVD set will be available on December 14th. Hopefully, it’ll satisfy Bauer fans until the 2012 movie. I know I can always use a little more Jack in my life!

I’m disgusted by last week’s ‘Private Practice’

21 10 2010

We’re back! I’ve decided that, instead of playing catch-up, we’re going to start fresh. Don’t expect too many back-dated posts about shows I missed due to family stuff/lack of computer. I’ll probably have brief reminders at the beginning of the new posts, but that’s it. So, I’ll write about Survivor later, but next week we’ll start with the new episodes of Weeds, Dexter, et cetera.

That said, I know I don’t blog about Grey’s Anatomy or Private Practice. To be honest, they’re my guilt shows—the ones I’ve been watching for so long that I can’t stop, even if the characters and plots are ridiculous. Grey’s, to be fair, has improved this season. Private Practice, though, is a teeming cesspool of selfishness. There’s a new episode on tonight, so this post is a little late, but I didn’t get to watch it until last night (thank goodness for DVR).

I absolutely cannot believe that not a single one of these rich, affluent doctors, who talk about their practice like they’re a family, would take in Betsey. She’s the orphaned daughter of one of their “family members,” for fuck’s sake! Cooper himself was a product of the foster care system, but he couldn’t take her because Charlotte didn’t want to. Violet would have, but Pete put forth a good argument about them just starting their own family—Lucas needs his mom’s undivided attention, after all they went through last season. But Addison? I cannot believe that the powerful, headstrong Addison Forbes Montgomery would bow to Sam’s wishes! Addison has always wanted a kid but couldn’t have one. The opportunity presents itself, but since Sam—who she just started dating! yes it was a long courtship, but please—already has a kid and a grandkid and doesn’t want Betsey around, she just gave in.

And now poor Betsey, who lost both her mom and dad, who started bonding with Violet only to be turned away by Pete, will have to go into foster care. Yes, it’s a TV show; all that will really happen is that the child actress won’t be on set for awhile. But in terms of suspending disbelief, I find the characters’ actions utterly reprehensible and their selfishness repulsive. I never thought I’d like Violet the most of any of them in any given situation, but she showed she had heart. The rest of them? Self-absorbed shells of human beings.

Shame on you, Shonda Rhimes, for making me dislike an entire cast of characters this much, especially when I used to adore them. If the show doesn’t improve after this abysmal episode, I’ll be deleting Private Practice from my DVR.


14 10 2010


Coverage has been spotty lately. I apologize. It was hard enough between family stuff (funeral last week, wedding this weekend—insanity!) and grad school, but my home computer crashed last night as well. Work is busy, so I can’t post more than this simple note from my office PC. Basically, we’re delayed until my computer is fixed.

Hang tight. I’ll be back soon.


Contest Winner Announced! (And TV snippets for the week.)

9 10 2010

(Did I not post this already? I could have sworn I did, but then it wasn’t there. Sorry, everyone…!)

I took this week off from blogging due to a death in the family, but the good news is that the time off gave me a chance to assemble judges and decide the winner for what I have affectionately come to call the Sookie Book Limerick Contest. The prize, as you know, is an autographed hardcover copy of Dead in the Family. There’s only one book, but the second place limerick will be published here as well.

The entries were judged on five criteria: originality, creativity, humor, adherence to limerick form, and poetic rhythm. The rhythm and adherence to form weighed heavily on the judges’ decision, since there were several original, creative limericks that made us laugh out loud.

The winner is Lauren from Texas:

There once was a vampire named Eric,
Who some would find most esoteric,
But it’s without his clothes
When he’s banging some hoes,
We see his assets are perfect genetics.

And our honorable mention is Ryan from Massachusetts:

The kings offer came with a wink
Fairy blood he wanted to drink
Sookie scoffed at his proposal
poured Talbot in the disposal
Now poor Russell has sex with the sink

Congratulations, Lauren and Ryan! And thank you to everyone who entered. Your limericks were great.

And now, since I skipped major blog posts this week, I’ll give you some little snippets on my impressions:

Dexter: I’m kind of happy that Astor and Cody decided to live with their grandparents—it frees Dexter up for more serial killer hijinks! I’m really loving this season so far.

Weeds: The butter-eating contest made me gag, for real. I feel bad that the Botwins couldn’t actually claim their prize, but that would have made life too easy. Still not happy with this boring season.

America’s Next Top Model: Catfights galore. Things should calm down some now that Lexie is out, but I’m sad about it because I liked her (and Rhianna, who was sent home last week) and I don’t really like Kacey. But Lexie’s ousting was a long time coming, really. I loved this week’s photoshoot, and my fave Ann won top photo for the fourth week in a row—a Top Model first!

I will write a full Survivor post once things settle down here. Check back a little later.