‘Survivor: Nicaragua’: “Sorry I smushed the bananas.”

30 09 2010

Maybe I’m an optimistic sucker, but I truly believed Coach Jimmy Johnson when he said he was there for the experience and not the money. This week at Tribal, I became even more convinced. He didn’t fight to stay, didn’t ruffle any feathers, spoke with honesty, and was sent packing because Marty and Jimmy T. are egotistical and insecure. I’d never claim to be a Jimmy Johnson fan outside of reality TV. I’m a Patriots girl through and through. But he brought heart, humility, confidence, and peace to Espada, and I was sorry to see him go. The heartbreaking part is if he had just fought, just talked to his fishing buddies and Tyrone, he could have easily gotten the votes to send Dan—who is useless—home. But he didn’t, and he’s gone. No wonder the editing was so Jimmy-heavy for the first couple of episodes; the producers knew he was leaving and wanted to get as much celebrity on our screens as possible! I never thought I’d feel sorry for a guy who coached the Dolphins and the Cowboys, but I did last night.

There’s really no one to root for on Espada, but I find myself hoping they’ll pull through anyway since La Flor is so much worse.. I like Jane and Jill, but they need to amp it up, not defer to Marty, and make decisions for themselves. Marty and Jimmy T. drive me nuts. Tyrone is okay, but he’s too soft-spoken. I wish Dan had never been cast—how did he even pass the physical?

I’m not sure if Marty telling the tribe about the Hidden Immunity Idol was a good move. I hope it will work against him somehow, because I don’t like his ego or his lack of humor. Can people steal the Idol? If someone swiped it and used it for themselves (preferably to send Marty home!), that’d be great. But I don’t even know if that’s allowed. No one’s done it yet, even when they’ve found an Idol in a person’s bag.

The only people I like on La Flor—Kelly B. and Fabio (Jud)—are on the smaller alliance. I really hope Naonka, who I may actually dislike more than Russell (shocker!), starts to alienate some of her alliance with her attitude and behavior. Knocking Kelly B. down to get a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol (which the dummy couldn’t even decipher) was downright reprehensible. I don’t like having her horrible attitude in my living room once a week. It legit makes me upset. And her apology about ruining the bananas, with no mention of the fact that she shoved a disabled person to the ground, just made it worse. If I had a child going to the school or YMCA where she’s a PE teacher/coach, I would pull him or her out of the class or program immediately.

I also found out by reading Dalton’s EW recap that Benry used to be a Girls Gone Wild cameraman, which makes me hate him even though he’s had very little airtime. Girls Gone Wild cameramen get DVD footage by convincing college girls to take their shirts off when they’re not sober enough to make good decisions. It’s a morally bankrupt job, and Benry seems proud of it. I cringe when my boyfriend wears a Girls Gone Wild t-shirt around the house, and he even got it for free.

I’m annoyed with Jeff Probst for constantly referring to them as “older tribe” and “younger tribe.” You gave them tribe names, damnit. Use them. The Medallion of Power is still my least favorite addition to this season, but the harder Hidden Immunity Idol clues are awesome.

I’m concerned about not having enough good people to root for this season. It seems that everyone I like is either teamed up with the bad guys or on the outs in their own tribe, unlikely to last long. I’ll keep watching—I always do—but I really enjoy liking people on Survivor, even if they don’t win (and they often don’t). But it’s only episode three. There’s still time for this season to improve, and for some of the folks to grow on me. Except for Benry and Naonka. They’re in the Jess doghouse for however long they stay on the show.



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