Sorry, Showtime fans. Here are your ‘Weeds’ and ‘Dexter’ posts.

29 09 2010

Things have been a little crazy lately at home and school, and with family (just, you know, my whole life), so my TV-watching has taken a bit of a backseat. It just means I might not be as timely (or as lengthy!) as you’ve come to expect. Just stick with me until May, when I finish grad school—it should get better then.

Dexter premiered on Sunday. Last season’s finale left me with my mouth hanging open, as I’m sure you can understand, so the premiere was a welcome diversion from real life. I thought for most of the hour that Dexter might actually leave Miami and start a new life elsewhere, and it was really touching to see his surprisingly emotional reaction to Rita’s death. I’m becoming more and more convinced that our favorite sociopath/serial killer is growing a heart, even if it is still three sizes too small.

I'll miss Rita and scenes like this one.

When he murdered that creep in the dingy bathroom, I thought it was all over. Surely, without the plastic drop cloth and rubber gloves, there’s some evidence floating around somewhere. But based on the season preview, the danger lies in Quinn discovering that Dexter was pretending to be Kyle. I’m curious to see if they come back to the murder, because if not, I’ll cry “loose thread”! (You know, kind of like crying wolf….) And Quinn and Deb’s sexy grief therapy—not sure about that, but it’s fun.

In any case, I’m glad Dexter stuck around. A whole new cast would be kind of hard to get used to at this point!

In sharp contrast, Weeds disappointed me again this week. I was all set for a few weeks of a terrified Nancy, Esteban showing up, possibly a dead or injured child—but no. A crossbow to the leg, some scary Shane eyes, and spitballs took care of everything, and now Nancy and the kids (Andy and Doug included) are back on the run. I did like Nancy’s lioness speech at the end, but the preview for next week looks boring except for the fact that the cops/Child Protective Services/whatever are now looking for the Botwins/Newmans, too. I mean, I love amusement park rides, but I can go to the park myself. I want drama! Terror! Danger! And this season is just not delivering.

I’ll continue to watch, because this show’s first few seasons cemented it in my mind as one of the Greatest Shows Ever. But I’m not particularly happy with the boring that is this season; aside from some hilarious one-liners, I remain relatively unimpressed.

Just a note: Only THREE MORE DAYS to submit your entry to the Sookie Book Limerick Contest!



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