‘Survivor: Nicaragua’: The Craziest Tribal Council Ever

23 09 2010

I don’t like La Flor. It’s as simple as that—as a responsible 20-something who feels pretty grown up most of the time, watching these people bicker like high schoolers makes me mad. (No offense meant to any mature high schoolers out there!) I’m so glad I’m not on that tribe, because I wouldn’t last long. I like Kelly B. a lot and if someone from that tribe makes it, I want it to be her. I also want to hear more from Purple Kelly, because she seems all right. I would never be able to put up with Naonka, though, and I consider myself a relatively patient person. Jud (Fabio) actually seems normal compared to her.

But that was one of the nuttiest Tribal Councils I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen every one). Shannon completely blew a gasket and called Chase out for his alliance/relationship with Brenda, then turned to Sash and asked him point-blank if he was gay. Shannon claims it was taken out of context and that he’s not a homophobe or sexist, but regardless, he dug himself his own grave. It’s easy to make whatever claims you want after the show has aired and you’ve had months to reflect on what you said or did, and spin it in a way that makes you sound less like a jerk. But I’ll say it right here: Shannon, I think you’re a jerk. Even if the comments were edited badly, you still let your emotions explode all over Tribal. If you’re gonna play Survivor, people, learn to keep your feelings under wraps.

I don’t really like Sash either, though, with his minorities-only alliance ideas. I understand the reasoning, but I don’t like racism (or sexism, or most -isms) in any shape or form. I’m curious to see how the alliances work out now that Shannon is gone and Chase and Brenda have been called out (and possibly targeted).

Life at Espada isn’t all puppies and rainbows, either. Holly’s a bit of a nutcase, what with the shoe-stealing and all, but who brings $1,600 shoes on Survivor anyway? And at least she came clean in the end. Coach Jimmy Johnson is showing how much of an asset his leadership skills are, too. He pulled Holly back from the edge when she wanted to quit and really set the mood for the Reward/Immunity Challenge, which helped lead Espada to victory (the Medallion of Power helped too). I hope they keep him around for awhile, even though Jimmy T. and Marty seem jealous. There don’t seem to be any strong alliances yet, but Jimmy J. is making friends with a lot of people.

And Marty found the first Hidden Immunity Idol, too—but with serious help from Jane, who figured out the clue. I’m glad that Espada found the Idol before La Flor, even though I don’t like Marty that much. I like Jane, though, and I think she’s one of the strongest older women to grace Survivor for years now. (Anyone else still miss Madd Dog? I miss Madd Dog.) I just hope she’s able to get that Idol from Marty if she needs it. He doesn’t seem too trustworthy.

I’m loving this season so far. Heroes vs. Villains was great, but two seasons of Russell was just too much. It’s awesome to see some new people, smart people, strong people, dramatic people, and a few really great people. Let’s get on with the alliances and scheming!



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