‘Weeds’: Nathalie and the Newmans, finally up shit’s creek

21 09 2010

Yay! Weeds is getting exciting! It’s also been picked up for a seventh season—huzzah! So, all those Mary-Louise-Parker-is-leaving-Weeds rumors can stop now, okay? Thank you, TV-verse.

At least Nancy finally set the record straight with Andy. What I took away from it is that Nancy won’t fuck Andy because (get ready for a string of awesome quotes) her vagina is a “penis flytrap,” she’s “Dr. Ke-vagian,” and a succubus, but she doesn’t want him to leave her and the kids alone. All her men wind up dead, and she likes Andy too much to have that happen. It was a sweet scene for them, in their own weird sort of way. I love both their characters so much.

Of all the big shit that happened this week, Doug’s religious experience was probably my favorite. I’m still not positive why OnStar would call Andy’s cell phone looking for Shane (except, maybe, that when Andy registered the car in Shane’s name, he gave them his own cell phone number?), but the call leading Cesar and Ignacio to Seattle saved Doug’s life, at least for now. And he’s convinced he’s God’s chosen one due to the phone call miracle, which is a better route for Doug than falling in love with illegal immigrants and masturbating with a noose around his neck. Just sayin’.

The rest of them certainly aren’t getting any help from the Lord above, though. After the cops boot the van due to a shit-ton of unpaid parking tickets tied to the stolen plates, Nancy knows they’re in trouble. Add in an altercation with her coworker Latrice (played by the actress who was Miss Jeanette in True Blood, as my boyfriend pointed out) over stolen drug money, Shane’s “mommy group” calling Child Protective Services after Andy backs out of having sex with one of them, and Silas being forced into stealing his new girlfriend’s car, and, well… Nancy’s got a lot of problems.

The biggest one I see is that Cesar and Ignacio got Shane. I want to believe that it will turn out just fine for the Botwins Newmans, but Shane is a murderer. People who kill people sometimes wind up dead themselves. My boyfriend asked, “Would they actually kill Shane?” during the preview scene where Nancy looks distraught after peering into a trunk, and I said I wasn’t sure. I don’t really think they will, but you really never know with this show.

I’m looking forward to next week. This season has finally gotten exciting. Last night was the first episode of the season where I wished Weeds aired for a full hour instead of 30 minutes. I usually have other stuff to do (a grad student’s day never ends, even at 10:30 PM!), but I would have been happy to camp out on the couch for another half an hour to see what happens to Shane.



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