‘Survivor: Nicaragua’ Premiere: “I can’t believe I just got a pep talk from Jimmy Johnson!”

16 09 2010

First things first: Yes, Jimmy Johnson is a famous and successful NFL coach and analyst. No, that does not mean he was cast simply because of his high profile. According to Jeff Probst’s EW blog, Johnson’s tried out three times but always failed the physical before. And Johnson himself said that he’s watched “every second” of Survivor. So, while him being on the show likely benefits CBS, he’s there “for the adventure” and because he’s a true fan, not simply because Survivor loves casting celebs (although that’s true too). I do love that his appearance on Survivor corresponds with the beginning of football season, which just adds to Fall TV’s awesomeness. Between football, Fall TV, cool weather, and Halloween, Autumn really is the best season ever. We even slept without an air conditioner last night!

But let’s move on. As previously stated, the tribes are split by age this season. It seems like the younger team, La Flor, has a significant advantage over the older team, Espada, in terms of physical prowess. But La Flor also seems to be the team filled with dunderhead twenty-somethings with little leadership ability and lots of hotness. I’m really excited about Kelly B., whose prosthetic leg might cost her the game not because of her performance but because of her potential to garner “sympathy votes.” No one else over there has stuck out to me so far, except maybe Jud (aka Fabio) for his sheer lack of brain cells.

Over at Espada, Jimmy Johnson shocked me by flat-out stating that he doesn’t expect to win but instead wants to help his team move further ahead. I’m not sure if I buy the idea that Mr. Competition isn’t in it to win it, but I did like his pep talks. Jimmy T. is a blue-collar Massachusetts guy through-and-through, and I wish I liked him but so far he won’t shut up. I was very impressed with Jane, who managed to make fire without flint. She might be my favorite on that tribe so far.

I’m not sure about this “Medallion of Power” thing, which can be used at the beginning of a challenge to give one team a head start. It’s then passed to the other team, which means that La Flor will have a chance to try it once Espada caves and takes the short cut. Aside from the lame name, I think it might be useful… or just boring and stupid, like when Russell found every Hidden Immunity Idol ever. We’ll see.

Oh, Wendy. Poor, talkative, awkward Wendy. Her husband said she’d be the first to go, and he was right. But according to Dalton Ross, she eats her pets, so I’m really okay that she’s gone. That might just mean chickens and goats and stuff, but still… not sad to see her go, especially after her rant at Tribal Council.

I’m hoping for an awesome season. I want laughs, tears, and for the older tribe to kick the younger tribe’s ass. And if they don’t, I want a quick merge, because watching the older guys get decimated won’t be fun. I want better challenges than the first Immunity Challenge, which was very standard and dull. And, although I don’t like either of the teams he coached, I want Jimmy Johnson to stick around for a bit because he gives good soundbites. I’m excited by the start of this season; even the shift to Wednesdays doesn’t bother me now that I know my night classes won’t interfere with my reality TV. Woohoo Survivor! I’m always happier when it’s back.



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4 10 2010
Carter Bushman

At long last I actually took an opportunity to check out the past week’s episode of Survivor on CBS. I witnessed Jimmy Johnson be shipped back to Florida. He certainly did not last for an extended time. I believed that Dan really should have been voted out he has been really hurting. I tend not to think coach became a risk this early on in the competition. He was probably the most interesting players considering his background as a sports coach. The group could quite possibly have kept him around for a longer time.

5 10 2010
Jess Huckins

Hi Carter,

I agree with you 100%. Dan would have been a better choice. He is weaker physically, and not as helpful to the group emotionally. But as we Survivor fans know, the outcasts don’t always make the best choices!
I wish Jimmy J. was still out there, but he didn’t really fight for his own survival. He didn’t try to get the girls on his side, and he admitted to being one of the weaker players: two big errors. It will be interesting to see how Espada does without him.

Thanks for stopping by! I blog about Survivor every week, so check the home page on Thursdays for more coverage.


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