‘Weeds’: Nathalie’s getting busted?

14 09 2010

I enjoyed Weeds last night; in fact, I find myself really having fun with this season. In the brief few moments that my boyfriend joined me in front of the DVR (I now have class on Monday nights, so I miss Weeds by about 15 minutes), he said, “That’s John Abruzzi.” And indeed, the chef that Andy was trying so hard to impress is Peter Stormare, who also played Abruzzi in the first two seasons of Prison Break. I never would have guessed with him wearing that chef hat! (But I suppose the way he wields a knife should have clued me in….)

Anyway. This episode was full of darkly humorous moments: Nancy’s quick thinking to cover the hash in the hotel dryer (except I doubt hash and poop smell the same—please, someone correct me if I’m wrong), Chef Abruzzi (what’s his name?) going after Andy’s finger with the knife just to promote him instead, crazy Shane asking the “mommy group” about their kegels, and the Boondock Saints-esque moment where the homeless guy bought it instead of the kitty.

All of the good news in this episode, though, was quickly overshadowed by the bad (in typical Weeds fashion). It looks like Shane’s “mommy group” buddies plan on ratting him and Nancy out to Child Protective Services, Doug’s in some serious trouble, and Andy and Nancy are looking busted with the cops catching them with trash bags full of trimmings at the end there. It seems dire for everyone except Silas, unless resident life realizes he’s not a college student and puts a stop to his dorm shower sexcapdes with the small boob brigade. But then, he deserved a break after last week’s naked reading session.

I’m glad, somewhat, that Esteban’s goons are on the right track at last, though with the death of the homeless guy who found Andy’s cell phone they may be even more delayed. Doug had better survive, because I’m just starting to like him again. And I wonder if the lesbian hippie biodiesel-drivers will get busted, too—I like them, even though they’re a far cry from Heylia and Conrad. In any case, this season is picking up nicely after a slow, danger-free start, and I’m looking forward to the rest of it. Any thoughts? Share ’em in the comments!



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14 09 2010

Kitchen gear always makes a person look different. The first time I came into my restaurant dressed like a normal person, no one recognized me. The waitress tried to seat me.

I am really digging this season–despite the glaring inaccuracies, as per usual, in the process. I wish they’d get better consultants, because despite having only 30 minutes to tell the story, they could be a LITTLE more accurate about their subjects šŸ˜› šŸ˜› šŸ˜›

14 09 2010
Jess Huckins

I won’t claim to know much about the process. šŸ˜‰ But yes, I have noticed obvious things that the casual viewer might not catch but that are certainly annoying, like the hash-smelling-enough-like-poop-to-be-mistaken-for-poop thing. I wouldn’t think Jenji Kohan would NEED consultants, but you never know….

And good point about kitchen gear. Eric cooks a lot; maybe that’s why he could tell and I couldn’t!

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