‘True Blood’ Season 3 Finale

13 09 2010

And here we are: The final True Blood post of the season. Sad? Of course. But I’m always looking ahead, and next season promises brilliance. I like that some threads were left dangling because it keeps us curious and anxious for season 4, but this did kind of seem like only half a finale. When it cut to the credits, I was legitimately surprised that it was the end. I feel like, maybe, there are too many subplots beyond Bill and Sookie for the writers to keep track of everything and pace it out correctly. But there’s no question I’ll be back next summer.

I’m a little upset that we’ll have to wait to learn which witch (Holly or Jesus… or both) is a bad witch, if Jason can take care of the HotShot kids, if Hoyt’s mom will shoot Jessica and how the new apartment will work out, if Tara’s really pressing the reboot button, if Tommy’s alive, if Bill will beat Sophie-Anne (and become the Vampire King? Now that’d be interesting), and what the heck happens with Sookie in Lesbian Fantasy Paradise (I know, I know, it’s Faerie Land, but I like my coined term better). Things I’m super-excited about: Pam survived, Alcide is back, Sam’s getting really interesting, Arlene’s not dead (yet), there will hopefully be more werewolves and werepanthers next season, Lafayette might get a major plot arch with all this witch business, and there’s more than enough lingering conflict to carry us into season 4.

I did like Russell’s barbecued state and the plan to encase him in cement, effectively saving him for future use. And really, he is too good a villain to let go, especially now that he’s heartbroken and truly alone since Sookie dumped Talbot’s remains (rest in peace, Jarbot) down the garbage disposal. And the “Bill’s-gone-bad” moment where he shoved Eric into the cement pit? Priceless. But Eric survived too, of course. I’m still trying to figure out his Godric hallucinations, and whether Godric is back in some form or if Eric was just having an attack of conscience. Either way, it was good to see Godric again—he was one character I felt was disposed of too soon.

Sookie’s sworn off vampires (since, you know, Eric exposed the reason behind Bill’s arrival at Merlotte’s) and broken up with Bill for the seventy-billionth time, but I can’t help but wonder how long that will last into next season. Alan Ball himself has said that they’re soul mates. But whatever happens in LFP/Faerie Land might change things a lot, too. We’re also annoyed with Tara, who just can’t seem to accept that her life will never be normal. But, maybe she’ll find some peace, wherever she winds up.

And for those complaining about the lack of children-eating and vampire/human-warring, just look to Nan Flanagan. Her constant insistence that Russell is an insane terrorist, hated by vampires and humans alike, diffused the tension and prevented the promised war. Of course, this wasn’t openly stated, and maybe we’ll still get a war when Russell finds his way out of the cement hole. But for now, that plot line is sufficiently explained for me. There’s no need to rush it.

And, under-appreciated Andy Bellefleur again had one of the best lines of the episode: “You just single-handedly rationalized away the need for law enforcement!” And Jason, characteristically, replied with cluelessness.

What do you hope to see happen next season?

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6 responses

13 09 2010
Kim Carpenter

I fully expected Crystal (Meth) to bite Jason before she took off–give him more reason to look after her people.


13 09 2010
Jess Huckins

I didn’t even think of that. I guess Jason is enough of a stand-up guy to do it on his own accord, even though he’s silly.

And YAY for hot werewolves!

13 09 2010
Kim Carpenter

First season, did you ever think you’d describe Jason that way?

13 09 2010
Jess Huckins

Oh, no. Not once. When E and I re-watched the first two seasons, I found myself surprised at how much of a douchebag he was in the beginning. But, you know… people dying, drug addiction, cult brainwashing… all that stuff does a lot to a person.

14 09 2010
Ryan Walsh

My thoughts:
Jason’s subplot – yawn.
LaFayette’s subplot – yawn.
Tara subplot – yawn.
Sam subplot – seems incredibly forced and out of character.
Arlene/Terry subplot – yawn.

Really I only stay tuned anymore for Eric and Russell… I feel there are no more redeeming qualities to the show aside. It feels as if none of the writers are communicating with each other anymore and too many things are forgotten about from the previous script. (Seriously… did sookie not remember what Bill did with Loreena? I swear it’s like she has amnesia.)

14 09 2010
Jess Huckins

I disagree regarding Lafayette, Arlene, and Sam. The rest, I enjoy the characters more than the plots themselves.
The witch thing plus the gay relationship thing keeps me hooked with Lafayette, pregnant women usually interest me so I’m cool with Arlene and Terry, and I feel that Sam’s had this bubbling under the surface considering his adoption, issues with Maryann when he was a kid, and all the other bad shit. I think it’s just finally bubbling over, and it doesn’t feel forced for me at all.

I do agree about Sookie forgetting about Lorena, but I forgave that—I assumed she didn’t care at all, didn’t care once Lorena was dead, or was just so happy to have found Bill that it seemed petty to her. None of those would have worked for ME, but Sookie’s all kinds of messed up anyway….

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