Win the latest Sookie Stackhouse book, autographed by Charlaine Harris!

9 09 2010

THIS CONTEST IS CLOSED. THE WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED BY FRIDAY, 10/8/10. CHECK BACK FOR ANOTHER GIVEAWAY SOON! Welcome to Jess Blogs TV’s very first contest/giveaway! I’ve had a bit of a fangover this past week (waiting sucks, guys), so I thought I’d help tide my fellow Truebies over until Sunday’s season three finale by mixing my favorite things—writing, books, and TV—in one awesome free book giveaway. Up for grabs is a hardcover copy of Dead in the Family, Sookie Stackhouse/Southern Vampire Book #10, autographed by author Charlaine Harris herself!

Want to win? You gotta play the game. Comment on this post with a True Blood-related limerick. It can be about a character, plot line, scene, or whatever else from any of the three seasons. Mixing TV with silly poetry makes me happy, and I hope you’ll have fun with it, too. (Learn how to write a limerick, if you don’t remember from fifth grade!)

Charlaine Harris's Autograph

This could be yours! | Crappy iPhone Photo © 2010 by Jess Huckins

1. One entry per person. Make it count.
2. All entries due by 11:59 PM on Saturday, October 2nd, 2010.
3. Include an email address—if I can’t contact you, you can’t win.
4. Entries must be submitted as a comment here, not on my Facebook wall or via Twitter or email or whatever.
5. Don’t copy someone else’s poem. Be creative!

Get in touch with me on Twitter or by email if you have any questions, and be sure to tell your friends!

Disclaimer: I love books. Charlaine Harris and/or Ace Books and/or HBO in no way sponsored or are representative of this post. I’m doing this giveaway to show you all how much I appreciate you, and all costs incurred have been paid for out-of-pocket.



14 responses

9 09 2010

Hey Jess

Love this idea!!
I posted it to my blog and folks are posting their limericks there—I’ve reminded them they must post here to enter the contest but maybe you could help me keep an eye on them and steer them over here.
Thanks for this great little contest !


9 09 2010
Jess Huckins

Thanks, Dallas! I’ll post a comment over there to try and herd people over to the contest post. It’s awesome of you to help publicize it!

9 09 2010

There was a young waitress named Sookie
The voices in her head drove her kooky
Came a stranger named Bill,
who, better than a pill
shut out the noise with toothy nookie.


9 09 2010

There once was a sheriff from Shreve
who needed Bill Compton to leave,
he fought him for fun,
even walked in the sun,
all just for Sookie’s beav
…er, blood

9 09 2010

There once was a vampire named Franklin,
who had some problems with datin’,
He wanted to love,
but then he got clubbed,
and turned into Jello by Jason.

9 09 2010
Jeanette Rivera

A vampire stud likes to drink blood,
Because it taste so good going down.
But no blood did he have,
He was then forced to grab,
A half fairie named Sookie to drink.

9 09 2010

There once was a vampire named Eric,
Who some would find most esoteric,
But it’s without his clothes
When he’s banging some hoes,
We see his assets are perfect genetics.

(sorry, I saw it on the Dallas site and thought it was over there! all better now.)

10 09 2010

Eric a blonde viking vampire
A werewolf named Alcide for hire
A fairy dame
how fucking lame
and Bills situation looks dire

10 09 2010

There was a young girl named Sookie
Whose demeanor was really quite lovely
till she met up with Bill
who’s not easy to kill
And now seems anything but motherly

13 09 2010
Ryan Andrew Walsh

The kings offer came with a wink
Fairy blood he wanted to drink
Sookie scoffed at his proposal
poured Talbot in the disposal
Now poor Russell has sex with the sink

13 09 2010
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23 09 2010

There once was a vampire called Bill,
He wasn’t the easiest to kill,
But then he met Sookie,
This involves lots of nookie
And they found it an absolute thrill!

29 09 2010
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9 10 2010
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