Reality TV Roundup: ‘Big Brother,’ the ‘America’s Next Top Model’ premiere, and Ali & Roberto in Boston!

9 09 2010

First, Big Brother. Last night was devastating for a lot of us—I can tell by the Google searches people use to find my blog that Britney Haynes is a fan favorite, and her eviction, though expected, was disappointing. I really don’t want Lane, Hayden, or Enzo to win, and now there is no other option. It almost feels like I’ve wasted my summer when there’s no one to support, but I’m hoping one of the guys will give me a reason to root for him before next Wednesday’s finale. I don’t really care who wins this final HOH, but if I had to pick one person to not make it to the final two, I’d pick Hayden. Lane’s a rich jerk but I like him because he liked Britney, and Enzo, though a poor competitor, has a little baby to look out for. I suppose Hayden was the best at challenges and he played hard to win, but I can’t stand his personality or his constant yelling in the Diary Room. Watch, Hayden will win HOH now. Just watch. Vote for the Fan Favorite!

America’s Next Top Model premiered last night. I usually don’t have much to say about reality TV premieres because I don’t know the contestants yet, and this one is no exception. But, this season seems like Top Model on speed—the theme is high fashion, so the model wannabes will have some crazy tasks ahead of them. The “pretty” girls, those who lack ability and just rely on their looks, will probably be out early. The really tall dorky girl, Ann, is my initial favorite because she’s the quirky underdog, but my opinions might change as the season progresses. Note that if I have to miss a show, I usually pick this one—my coverage may be spotty.

And finally, for all you Bachelorette fans, here’s a shot (taken from Ali’s Twitter account) of “Aliberto” at Fenway Park this week. Miss Fedotowsky herself threw out the first pitch at Tuesday night’s game!

Ali and Roberto at Fenway Park

Ali and Roberto at Fenway Park

I’m glad they’re still happy and in love since that gorgeous proposal in Bora Bora.

Talk to you soon! Less than a week until the Survivor premiere!



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9 09 2010
Reality TV Roundup: 'Big Brother,' the 'America's Next Top Model … | Big Brother Fan Club

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