‘Big Brother’: The Final Four: Britney, Enzo, Hayden, Lane

3 09 2010

We already discussed the sock puppets, but their hilarity doesn’t hold a candle to the third punishment. Watching those guys break into dance whenever music came on was fantastic! Nice punishment, Big Brother. Here, relive the moment:

Great stuff.

Matt’s confession in the Jury House surprised me, but the girls’ reactions didn’t. I’m glad he came clean—there must have been some guilt there—and I do feel bad for Kathy. But you know, Sheriff, if you battled and/or are still battling cancer, you really should quit smoking. Just sayin’. I was glad to see Brendon and Rachel reunited, but Rachel’s disappointment that Brendon didn’t make it further tells me that this relationship may not last. I mean, we all know that showmances often don’t, and I do feel that at least Brendon is genuine in his affections. But Rachel? She’s a firecracker, and I’m not sure if she’s into Brendon for the long haul or if she’ll just continue to be disappointed. I hope Brenchel makes it, but… well, that’s reality TV. Not everyone can be like Boston Rob and Amber, or even Jeff and Jordan.

Now, on to Thursday. I have to say that, although I respect his loyalty to the Brigade, I believe Lane made the wrong choice when he didn’t save Ragan. Bringing Britney and Ragan instead of Hayden and Enzo would have probably been a smart move for him, since the Brigade members are well-liked by the Jury—more so than Ragan. However, I think Ragan would have pulled out some votes based on his tenacity and ability to survive so long against so much animosity, as Britney will if she makes it to the final two. So, I guess it was a toss-up either way, but I don’t think Lane stands much of a chance of winning against his Brigade buddies. Unless, of course, the jury respects his loyalty.

And I do have to say, now that most of the interesting people are in the Jury House, I’d almost rather watch that. Big Brother After Dark is a snoozefest, literally.

It’s getting to the exciting part of the show, and I can’t wait to see who wins—however, Britney’s the only person I want to see headed home with a big old check from CBS, and it’s starting to look unlikely that she’ll make it. I’ll just keep telling myself that anything can happen (and that it’s only a game). Fingers crossed.

Remember, too, that eviction is on Wednesday next week. Only five episodes to go!

Spoilers begin here.

It seems that Hayden won HOH (wasn’t that competition just like the one at the end of last season, with the eggs? or did I make that up?), which spells certain danger for Britney and almost-certain danger for Lane. I hope Brit wins the POV, assuming Hayden puts her up straight and doesn’t try to backdoor her. I am looking forward to the Brigade boys turning on each other, though.



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