‘Weeds’: The Newmans’ New Jobs

31 08 2010

Did you really think Nancy, Silas, Shane, and Andy could live normal lives? (But then, we all know normal is relative anyway.) No… you probably didn’t. Because a show about a drug-dealin’ mom would lose its edge if her life could be normal. You gotta give the lady props for trying, though.

I think this episode was my favorite of the season so far. Everyone was a little off his or her game, and it made for some great comedy. Andy in the kitchen? Priceless. I think it’s funny that he’s flirting up a storm already, but then, Audra dumped him. (Even though her video says otherwise. And what were those hints about the minivan, hmmm? I sense minivan-seeking and half-burnt ID-finding in the near future.) He’s going to get his face shoved into the dishwasher if he’s not careful, though.

Silas as Mike Newman, looking very uncomfortable

Unhappy Mike | Image credit: fractured-simplicity.net

Silas’s situation was pretty uncomfortable, but if someone offered me $50 a page, I’d happily sit there in my lady skivvies and put on my best reading voice. No touching, no sex, just half-naked reading and lots of cash? Sure thing. No problem.

Shane seemed most in his element, which is strange for a teenage psychopath. I was nervous when he was left alone to babysit, but he was a good big brother to little Stevie. Sippin’ a latte, stealin’ a baby carriage—it was a nice day for our esteemed Pilar-killer.

And poor Nancy. First she has to clean the party bedroom, then she finds Mr. Golden Shower trussed up like a chubby chicken. And when she finally settles down for a nice drink, potential-one-night-stand guy discovers the truth about maid Nathalie (a French dance studio? Really?) when she gets reamed out by her new boss for drinking on the job. Oh well—at least she makes that awful wig look good.

But, really, it’s no wonder the suburban reefer queen couldn’t stay out of the business. Making hash in the hotel’s laundry room is a little risky—but then, when is Nancy not all about taking risks? I’m curious to see where the hash storyline goes, and also what happens to poor Doug. It’s great to see him again, less great that he had his head shoved into a fishtank. I suppose that’s better than the toilet, in any case.

How long do you all think these hospitality jobs will last? Will Nancy really set up shop in Seattle, even after all of her concerned mom pep talks? And when will Esteban finally come after her? (I suppose when he has some idea where she is, but come on. Let’s get some serious scary drama up in the Weeds house!) See you next week!



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