‘True Blood’: Eric Northman’s Revenge

30 08 2010

Wow, what a cliffhanger! I cannot believe that HBO is making us wait two whole weeks for the finale. I mean, Labor Day equals a much-needed three-day weekend, but seriously?

The good news is that a lot of this season’s scattered plot lines are coming together nicely. We all knew that Sookie would be rescued from the Fangtasia basement/dungeon at some point, somehow, by someone, but if you’re like me you thought it would be Bill. Yvetta’s return was exciting, and I loved seeing her turn on Pam and Eric like that! Fascinating and hilarious. Even more so was Pam snacking on Ginger (finally), paying homage to all the times we’ve had to hear that piercing scream.

Eric’s big plan was pretty obvious from the start. Even after he confessed to killing Talbot and explained why (“My, oh, my. To lose the one man I ever loved because you miss your Mommy and Daddy, well that is a kick in the pants,” said Russell), he was able to pander to the king’s inner narcissist by offering him the one thing every vampire wants. Russell’s critical weakness is his desire for ultimate power, and Sookie’s faerie blood gives vampires the ability to daywalk for short periods, as evidenced by Bill’s occasional consumption. But the trick was to convince Russell it was permanent—and Eric pulled that off, with Bill’s help. But now, we have three major characters with fates hanging in the balance: Eric and Russell, who are cuffed together in the sunlight, and Sookie, who’s been drained pretty damn dry. I’m fairly certain Russell will die and Sookie will live, but the fate of Sheriff Eric Northman is uncertain. Will he go down with his nemesis and meet the true death? Or, will Bill (after saving Sookie) be the hero? We have to wait two damn weeks to find out. Thanks, HBO. Thanks.

Eric and Russell

Eric and Russell, in the final scenes.

I was pleasantly surprised by Holly’s Wiccan ritual. She didn’t summon the elements or Father Sky (along with Mother Earth), but she used a ritual dagger, drew a circle of power, and said “blessed be” a whole lot. It still wasn’t perfect—to my knowledge, Wiccans don’t use blood in ritual (“and it harm none…”)—but she did a surprising amount of things right. Kudos, Alan Ball and co., for doing your homework and not totally screwing up the religious aspect, while still keeping with True Blood land’s supernaturalness. My boyfriends Holly is the next Big Bad (kind of a Maryann 2.0), and she’s setting Arlene up as a sacrifice, but if they make the Wiccan evil I’ll be pretty upset.

I’m pretty convinced Arlene’s going to die in the finale (it could happen next season, too), possibly by another induced miscarriage or by some action of the evil baby itself, but I’m still begging the gods of TV to not let it happen. Terry’s reaction to her almost losing the baby was heartbreaking (it’s not even his baby!), and I don’t want to see what would happen if he lost her, too.

(This is the end of the Arlene Death Theories. Carry on.)

Hoyt and Jessica are great, but learning that Summer was working with Mrs. Fortenberry (I couldn’t remember if Jessica killed her in season 2—guess not!) to split them up was a complete surprise. Summer was too happy and perky to be honest. I doubt we’ll get much more out of them this season, but it’ll be interesting next year.

Oh, Jason Jason Jason. I adore you, but being in love with a werepanther who can convince you to call off the ultra-important raid on HotShot is not wise. Jason’s a mess, between Crystal’s manipulation, Tara’s anger, and finding out that the brat high schooler trying to break his record is being supplied with V by the school.

That Tara/Sam reunion? Hot, but not unexpected. They’re both all kind of screwed up, Sam from his murder-memories and Tara from learning the truth, but hopefully this will be cathartic for them both. Tara’s conversation with Andy was really well done, and it showed another side—a non-drunken, non-wannabe action hero side—of him. There must be something else behind Sam’s freakout. The boyfriend thinks Holly did it. I still maintain that Holly’s cool. We’ll see who’s right. (It’s probably him. I’m biased.) Looks like Tommy’s certainly bringing the bad news, too.

I hate that Lafayette kicked Jesus out, but someone in this house nearly crapped himself when Jesus got that post-V demon head thing going on. And what the fuck was with the creepy dolls? That was like… almost clown levels of creepy. And I don’t say that lightly. I hope those two make up, in any case.

My biggest question is still whether or not Eric will survive September 12th’s finale. I’m also excited to learn more about Sookie’s fae heritage, as the Postmortem implied. What are you all still wondering about, as the end of season three approaches?

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