‘Big Brother’: Lane’s nominations

30 08 2010

This post contains spoilers.

I love love love that Lane didn’t want to win HOH, and I love that he won it anyway because Enzo sucks so hard at competitions. And I love, too, that the HOH win clued the other houseguests into the reality of Lane’s situation: He doesn’t need the money. Whether or not this will cause any drama with Britney is still up in the air, but Big Brother After Dark has been really, really boring since Matt and Brendon left so I’d be happy if it did.

Last night’s episode was mostly focused on who was going to be the pawn, Britney or a Brigade member. Lane obviously put up Ragan, who now has to fight his skinny butt off to win POV. But Lane went back and forth for the vast majority of the episode, finally settling on Enzo over Britney for nominee #2. (There’s always the backdoor option, though!)

However, I’ve heard… SPOILER ALERT. SKIP THE REST OF THIS POST IF YOU WANT TO WAIT UNTIL WEDNESDAY… that Enzo wins it, so we’ll certainly see Britney or Hayden on the block. I hope beyond hope that Hayden goes up. Lane said he’d never put up Hayden, but he also said that he wouldn’t put up a Brigade member in the first place, so it’s still possible he’ll go back on his word. It also shouldn’t matter too much—I’m 99% sure that, without a POV win, Ragan’s outta there.

Britney and Hayden talking with hand puppets

Britney and Hayden talking with hand puppets | Image credit: Big Brother Live Online

Letting slip his net worth wasn’t Lane’s only mistake this weekend; that Pandora’s Box sure was a doozy! He only made $90 (probably more like $20 after taxes!) for three major punishments. We saw the first last night—the houseguests now lack silverware and cups—and Big Brother Live Online reports that a second punishment is that they have to speak using handpuppets. (Still no word on the third punishment—clue me in if you know!) Lane would have been better off if he turned down temptation; come on, how likely is it that you’d pull the winning envelope? I bet there was one envelope with the large prize, and the rest only had tiny amounts (that $0.17 one was a killer).

Who do you think Lane will name as the replacement nominee? I hope it’s not Britney; she’s the only one I really want to win. I like Lane, but I don’t want him to win if he’s already loaded. Hayden is a conceited, selfish idiot, Ragan is mean and whiny (I wish I still liked him, but I don’t), and Enzo is one of the worst competitors ever. However, he has a tiny baby, so I’d be okay with him scoring the grand prize. He could sure use it. But Miss Britney Haynes still has my vote.

And, finally: I hope Brendon and Rachel are happy together in the Jury House!



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3 09 2010
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