‘Weeds’: The New Nancy—just call her Nathalie Newman

24 08 2010

Nancy (or, should I say, Nathalie) is looking a little scared and wide-eyed these days, like a really pretty deer caught in the headlights. I guess I would too, if I had one kid who had killed someone, one kid without an American birth certificate, and one kid who wanted to strike out on his own. But she’s managing to keep the Botwin clan together, while Esteban—who I still can’t figure out—covers for her down in Mexico.

Esteban must know that one of the Botwins killed Pilar. Even if Shane just knocked her out and the pool cover drowned her (though all the blood would indicate death by bludgeoning), Nancy’s family is solely responsible. But I can’t decide why, exactly, he’s not going after them, or sending one of his minions, or something. Chances are, it’s just too soon for the writers to send someone after Nancy; they want to let her have some fun escapades (haha, escape-capades) first. Or, Esteban is happy Pilar is dead and wants Nancy to get away with it. That’s always a possibility, though I’m sure he wants his kid back.

Stevie Ray

Stevie Ray's ID photo face | Image credit: http://fractured-simplicity.net

There were some hilarious scenes and lines in this episode. I loved when Nancy couldn’t muster up much punishment for Shane besides whacking him a few times and telling him he’s too young to be murdering people (“I’m the mother, I decide who gets clubbed!”). My favorite, though, was little Stevie Ray’s face when they were all taking their new ID photos. Also great was Andy’s set of “rules of the road”—and his explanation for why they can’t go to Alaska (I miss Zooey Deschanel!).

Nancy wants the “Newmans”—Nathalie, Randy (Andy), Mike (Silas), Shawn (Shane), and little Avi (Stevie Ray)—to settle down and live a normal life, but Shane’s pleas to head to Philadelphia are ignored and the family is turned away at the Canadian border because the littlest Botwin (or is he a Reyes?) doesn’t have a birth certificate. Refusing to accept defeat, they continue on and burn all their old IDs, but they leave the smoldering heap in flames in a garbage can—someone could certainly find a half-burned driver’s license later this season, don’t you think?

I’m really enjoying this season of Weeds so far, but as usual, I’d like them to pick up the pace a bit. There are only a handful of 30-minute episodes per season, and after waiting so long for these new ones, I’d like the show to charge forward boldly and get me on the edge of my seat ASAP.



3 responses

4 09 2010

Damn! That’s an ugly baby! That has got to be one of the ugliest babies to appear on a program… EVER!

5 09 2010
Jess Huckins

I think he’s adorable, but you are of course free to disagree. Thanks for stopping by!

15 06 2011

OH MY GOSH that’s the cutest little nugget ever!

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