‘Big Brother’: Britney’s replacement nominee

24 08 2010

This entire post (it’s short) is one spoiler after another. Don’t read further if you don’t want to know.

I watched Big Brother After Dark for the first time last night, and it was kind of boring (it was late and I fell asleep after awhile), but Matt’s conversation with Hayden was pretty telling.

It seems that Brendon won Power of Veto this week (and for some reason, his head is shaved while Enzo is wearing a ridiculous penguin suit). I said earlier that winning POV was the only way Brendon would survive the week, and the man pulled through! He’s much stronger now without Rachel, since he’s fighting for both of them (I love how he calls her “my girlfriend”) and she’s not causing a whirlwind of drama around them. I hope he pulls through and wins the whole thing, because he was such an underdog.

In any case, it seems Matt and Ragan have had some sort of fight (I think it’s possible that Matt campaigned against Ragan after Brendon won the POV, and Ragan found out) and Matt is up on the block as Britney’s replacement nominee. This will ensure that either Matt or Enzo goes home, effectively splitting the Brigade. Huzzah!

Big Brother is going to be really interesting from here on out. I’m going to take my chances and assume that Matt goes home this week, since no one can really trust him and they’re starting to figure that out. That will leave Britney, Ragan, Brendon, Enzo, Hayden, and Lane. If Brendon aligns with Hayden and Enzo and Ragan and Britney stick it out together, Lane will be the one straddling two alliances (Britney and the Brigade) instead of Matt, putting him in some danger. But really, we’re at a point where no one is safe. There are a lot of secrets, but with only six people it’s hard to keep them secret.

I’m really excited for Wednesday and Thursday. I never do mid-week posts like this, so that should tell you just how wrapped up in this season I am. I’m hoping that either Brendon or Britney wins it all; they’re my faves.



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