‘Big Brother’: Britney’s nominations

23 08 2010

Britney Haynes, the hilarious blonde bombshell, is last woman standing in the Big Brother 12 house, and she’s queen of the castle this week. After Brendon’s Britney-directed attack a couple of weeks ago (which wasn’t necessarily the best or most calculated way to save Rachel), it was no surprise that he went up again. I was pretty sure who Britney’s second nominee would be (I tried to avoid the spoilers this weekend, but it’s so hard!), but the politicking leading up to it was worth watching.

Britney Haynes

We love Britney.

The Brigade is in shambles, but I still wouldn’t be surprised if a handful of them made it to the end. If Hayden or Enzo (assuming he makes it through this week) wins Head of Household anytime soon, Matt will probably be sent home. I’m not sure if Lane will stay true to the Brigade or to Britney; he obviously has a serious crush on the girl, and “bros before hos” doesn’t always hold up. If Lane and Matt align with Britney and Ragan, Enzo and Hayden will remain in serious trouble—which is okay by me, honestly.

I understand why the guys were making fun of Britney’s fiance, but seriously guys? Petty much? If the lady thinks he’s a Greek god, let her be happy with the man of her dreams. It was fun watching Lane bench press all that weight, though.

Brendon is really a sitting duck. If he stays on the block this week, I’m 99% sure he’ll be going home. He can be dangerous in challenges, as last week’s HOH win proved, and his only redeeming quality for the other houseguests is that he’d be good to sit beside in the final two because he’d only get Rachel’s vote. However, he’s a strong candidate for winning POV this week—he’s been shown to power through and come out on top when he needs to. My only question is whether or not he cares enough to stay in the game. He wants to fight for Rachel, sure, but hanging out with her in the Jury House must sound like a sweet deal too. Either way, Brendon can’t lose this week. He either gets to keep fighting for her or actually be with her.

Overall, he’s my pick to go home. If he wins POV, Britney might put up Matt, but I’m not sure. Hayden’s a good bet, too. Either way, if Brendon manages to survive, a Brigade member is probably out, and I can’t say I’ll be upset about that. They do nothing except brag about how awesome they are, and I’d love to see them knocked down a peg or two.

Check back for POV and elimination coverage (chock full of more awesome speculation!) later this week.



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23 08 2010
'Big Brother': Britney's nominations « Jess Blogs TV | Big Brother Fan Club

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