‘Big Brother’: Blindsided! and Britney’s important win

20 08 2010

Despite its snooze-worthy start, this week turned out to be an exciting one in the Big Brother house. When Brendon opened Pandora’s Box, romantic me was really hoping that he and Rachel would be reunited, if even for a few minutes—but I already knew that he would be missing while she was there, and honestly, watching him eat dinner (“This is really good,” he said to no one except maybe an off-screen cameraperson or producer) and float in the pool all alone was sad but amusing. I do like Brendon, I just think he’s made some bad decisions in this game. (At least they were done in the name of love.) In the end, it’s be great it if he could beat the odds and take home the half-mil.

The Brigade reacts to Rachel's return

The Brigade reacts to Rachel's return

Rachel’s 24-hour reign of terror unfolded as expected—“Haha, I’m back, bitches!”—except for Ragan’s outburst. Rachel was asking for it, parading around and shoving cookies under his nose when she knows he’s a Have-Not, but he was blatantly cruel even if he said things that were probably true. (Example: “Your boobs are a lie, your face is a lie. The only thing honest about you is the pimples on your chin.”) Rachel is obnoxious, silly, vengeful, and a bit delusional, but she’s not a purposefully mean person. I’d have a little more respect for her if she’d been able to insult Ragan for something other than his sexuality. Ultimately, he won that one, and I’m glad he wasn’t afraid to stand up to her even if he didn’t do it in the best way.

As we know, Ragan won the Power of Veto and removed himself from the block. Based on Rachel’s pretzel message (no, people, pens and paper are not allowed in the house—Ragan must have gotten his sabotage supplies from the producers in the Diary Room), Brendon put up Matt in his place. We all knew Matt would use the Diamond Power of Veto; the only question was who he would nominate. I was hoping it would be Hayden or Enzo, because the only thing the Brigade is good at is keeping their alliance a secret. Besides Hayden’s single HOH win, those guys have done absolutely nothing except whine about everyone else and brag about their power. But they’re all still there, so they’re doing something right.

But no, Matt blindsided poor Kathy, who was blamed for the Saboteur’s antics. She didn’t even get to pack her bags or see recorded messages from her fellow houseguests when she was sent home with a 5-0 vote. The other houseguests’ celebrations to and from the Diary Room were, I think, simply due to the fact that they would no longer have to choose between two people they were aligned with. I believe everyone liked Kathy, she just had no firm alliance and was always out early in competitions.

What’s next? Britney’s the new Head of Household, and I firmly believe that despite her promises, she’ll put up Brendon. She thinks herself aligned with Ragan and Matt, so they’re both safe. Her only other option is to nominate someone from the Brigade. It won’t be Lane, so either Enzo or Hayden is probably in danger, and it’s yet to be seen whether Matt will have their backs. Matt’s sitting pretty right now with one foot planted firmly in each side of the house, but at least Enzo and Hayden are catching on. If Matt goes to the Final Four with the Brigade, they’ll take him out. And if Enzo or Hayden goes up beside Brendon this week, Brendon’s chances of making it through are pretty much shot. He’ll need both Hayden and Enzo to stick by him if he’s going to stay, unless he wins POV.

It’s not looking good for Brendon, or for the Brigade if they want to stay intact. But things can change in a matter of seconds in the Big Brother house, so I’m looking forward to Sunday. At least Ragan’s reign as the Saboteur is officially over (I’m glad he gets his 20K!). See you next week!



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