‘Weeds’ Season Six Premiere

17 08 2010

Nancy Botwin, Weeds Season 6 PremiereThe Weeds premiere was like most premieres: not much happens, but it gets the story going and leaves you craving more.

This show has gotten a lot darker since it began; my boyfriend commented that he wished it was a little funnier, but I think it’s just grown and progressed naturally as Nancy Botwin and her family descend further and further into the dangerous world of marijuana dealing. I still really miss the “Little Boxes” theme and the absurdity of Agrestic, but I’m getting over it.

Shane’s been a little nutty for a good long time, but I don’t think many of us expected him to wind up a murderer. When someone threatens your family, though, and you can get your hands on a croquet mallet, well… you go for it, and I’m glad he was there at the right time. But his murder of Pilar means the Botwin clan has to go on the run again.

We couldn’t have Nancy and the kids fleeing without Uncle Andy in the passenger’s seat, so Nancy goes to get his van and interrupts a hostage situation. It wasn’t a shocker that Audra left Andy when he ran instead of saving her from the crossbow-wielding pro-lifer who’s both in love with her and disgusted by her career, but I loved that she gave him a shiner instead of the ring when he asked for it back. I love Andy, but he’s a mess. I hope this isn’t the last time we see Alanis Morissette, but she might be out if the Botwins get too far before Esteban catches on.

Cesar knows that Shane popped Pilar, but has the tapes destroyed. Esteban will certainly go after Nancy (she has his son, after all), but will Cesar tell him why she ran? Is Cesar protecting her, or helping Esteban, or both in some weird way?

Lupita’s line, as usual, was one of the best: “I work for you. I am always ready to flee. You should know yourself better.” Not quite as giggle-worthy as the epic coffee table line in season one, but still great.

So, what’s up for the Botwin clan this season? Obviously more flight, but I’m sure Jenji Kohan and the production crew have some awesome surprises in store for us. Any thoughts or speculation?

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