‘True Blood’: King Russell’s gone crazy

17 08 2010

Update: My True Blood posts will be back on their normal schedule next week. I apologize once again for the delay. Also, I’ll soon be blogging Weeds!

The tide is turning on the Vampire Rights Amendment; despite the efforts of The Authority and Nan Flanagan, King Russell tore out a news anchor’s spine on live national television after talking lovingly to Liquid Talbot in a crystal urn. This final scene (which was so awesome I had to talk about it first) really changed the show, and I’m excited to see how the plot progresses after this. Russell’s not-quite-newfound insanity also had one added benefit: Eric Northman’s safety. Although The Authority won’t help him get revenge on Russell for the murder of his family, they’ve given him permission (and, well, orders) to do so. We’ll likely get some sexy vampiric spy action over the next few episodes as Eric completes his plan—and maybe kisses Sookie in the process.

The news anchorman before King Russell comes in...

Now you see him...

King Russell with the guy's spine in his hand

...and now you don't. Well, sort of.

Speaking of Sookie, we still don’t know what she is. But Bill does; somehow he landed in her Lesbian Fantasy Paradise and chatted up Claudine. Hadley does too, and not only does she feel terrible for revealing Sookie’s secret, but she’s now terrified because her son Hunter shares Sookie’s telepathic gifts. Once again, I’m pretty pissed at Sookie for letting Hadley run off before explaining what precisely she told Queen Sophie-Anne and Eric. I know the writers can’t let us know yet, but Sookie’s much smarter than that and I’m having trouble believing that she wouldn’t just ask. While Russell is apparently this season’s Big Bad, Sookie is its mystery and I find her so much more appealing and interesting than the political side of the show. The politics make True Blood what it is, and I love them for that, but I’m so much more invested in Sookie’s powers.

I still think Jason’s a damned idiot for falling for Crystal and not seeing what she really is. I know he’s thick but she’s dropped enough hints. If her daddy’s a were-something, I didn’t think Sam would be able to beat him so bad—but then, Sam’s supernatural too (and apparently, he really hates being called a “pussy”). Either way, Crystal ran off on Jason again and I really hope he just lets it go this time, but something tells me that won’t happen. At least he saved Tara this week; his shotgun loaded with wooden bullets finally treated Franklin Mott to the true death. As predicted, beating his head in with a mace a few weeks ago just wasn’t enough. (But, I was glad to see James Frain again—he’s a great actor, and he looks awesome with fangs.) It’s a step in the right direction for Jason, whose murder of Eggs last season certainly doesn’t sit well with Tara, and for Tara herself, who stood up for herself despite her fear.

One of my favorite parts of this episode was the conversation between Hoyt and Jessica at Merlotte’s. Hoyt admitted that he hates Summer and is just with her because “it beats sitting around thinking about” Jessica, which I hope foretells a rekindling of their relationship. I’ve been rewatching season two with my boyfriend, and it reminded me of how much I love Hoyt and Jessica. Tommy’s reaction to Jessica’s tears indicates he cares for her, but his loud romps with a naked girl say otherwise. I’m curious to see how this plot develops.

It’s great to see Lafayette’s relationship with Jesus steadily growing. Nelson Ellis doesn’t want his character to settle down, but I think it might be good for Lafayette to take a break from his dangerous lifestyle. Although, Eric and Pam might still make him sell V….

There’s something going on with Merlotte’s new waitress, Holly. She’s managed to get herself involved in both Tara’s and Arlene’s personal lives in one episode, and she seems to have the same sort of charisma and energy as Maryann the Maenad. I hope that’s not what she turns out to be, but she has to be something.

We’re heading into the last few episodes of season three, so my questions are the same ones everyone has: What is Sookie? How will Eric get his revenge and defeat Russell? Will he and Sookie kiss, or will Bill and Sookie stick together this time? When will Alcide return? Is Debbie Pelt gone for good? Where did Hadley go with Hunter? Did Russell really start a war this time? How will all these relationships grow and change?

Grab your stake; it’s on!

Images courtesy of rawr-caps.net.

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