‘Big Brother’: Brendan and Rachel on the Block

9 08 2010

We knew it was coming. When Matt won Head of Household, there should not have been a question in any Big Brother fan’s mind about who he would put up. I will say I’m disappointed; although Brendan spends most of his time wearing a face like a kicked puppy, Rachel brings the drama to the Big Brother house and I’ll be sad to see her go.

Brenchel, during happier times.

Brenchel, during happier times.

Not only does Rachel’s voice really get to me, but it always sounds like she’s calling him “Brennan,” which is not his name. I think he’d be a good player if he had managed to find a different alliance to begin with—her impulsiveness is bringing him down, even though she supports him with her HOH wins. I wonder if they’ll be able to keep their (seemingly unhealthy) relationship going outside the house, or even if they should.

If Rachel goes, the good part is there’s always more drama. The remaining half of Brenchel will cause a ruckus, especially in the unlikely scenario that Rachel stays. Internal Brigade trouble is a-brewin’, as well—Matt is getting pissed that his “brains” are also the alliance’s “brawn,” and no one’s happy with Enzo for throwing competitions and letting everyone else do the dirty work. And there’s also Lane’s friendship/possible alliance with Britney to consider, and the houseguests’ collective distrust of Hayden for lying about his showmance with the recently-ousted Kristen. I think the Brigade will be broken wide open once the focus is off of Brenchel—but possibly not before they have the game in the bag.

And let’s not forget Saboteur Ragan, who accepted the task (and later felt bad about it) after Matt opened Pandora’s Box and picked up a Diamond Power of Veto. He can use it anytime during the next two eliminations, which makes him kind of a wildcard. I’m really excited to see if Ragan can do better than Annie, and what kind of insanity he brings to the house. Britney Haynes is becoming an under-the-radar force to be reckoned with with her recent POV win and successful strategizing with both sides of the house—she’ll win the whole thing if the houseguests aren’t careful, especially since she has an in with the Brigade.

Note that I haven’t mentioned Kathy, this week’s only Have-Not, who is one of the most boring reality TV stars I’ve ever seen. At least Kristen participated in a cat fight!

Spoiler Alert!
Don’t ready any further if you don’t want to know who wins POV on Wednesday.

It seems our favorite sassy blonde scored a second big POV win in this week’s competition (during which Jeff and Jordan are the co-hosts!), and has decided not to use it. We’ll see if Britney changes her mind by Wednesday’s show, but I think removing half of Brenchel from the block would hurt her game a lot. It is my prediction that Rachel Reilly, our favorite love-to-hate houseguest, will be sent packing this week, leaving Brendan heartbroken, alone, and vulnerable. Will he be able to pick up his game in her wake, or will it be an easy one-two punch to send him home next week? Or, in the unlikeliest of scenarios, will he go home on Thursday, leaving Rachel to wreck enough havoc to overshadow Ragan’s tentative sabotage?

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9 08 2010
'Big Brother': Brendan and Rachel on the Block « Jess Blogs TV | Big Brother Fan Club

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