‘The Bachelorette’: Ali’s Storybook Ending

3 08 2010

After weeks of nail-biting speculation, it’s official: Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez are engaged. Ultimately, Reality Steve’s assertion that she would pick no one at the final Rose Ceremony was correct—Ali picked Roberto before the final Rose Ceremony when she sent Chris home prior to their last date. But I still don’t think that’s quite what Reality Steve meant, because Ali sure didn’t go home single or brokenhearted! In fact, it looks like US Weekly got it right this time.

Roberto proposing to Ali.

Roberto proposing to Ali on last night's 'The Bachlorette' finale.

I really enjoyed the ‘After the Final Rose’ special, but I was sad that Frank didn’t show up. There has been a lot of speculation regarding whether or not he’d be there, and Chris Harrison explained that he bailed at the last minute. I did expect that, as there have been reports that he was in Chicago when the special was filmed. I would have liked to hear his take on the finale and what his life’s been like since he left (that is, if he made the right decision and is happy with Nicole). But c’est la vie!

At least Ali came face-to-face with Chris for the first time after dumping him in Bora Bora. He took it in stride, although he was obviously still hurt—unlike Kirk, who had apparently moved on by the time he appeared on ‘The Men Tell All.’ But Chris was gracious and a complete gentleman, as we’ve come to expect, and appreciative of Ali’s honesty. And I mean… it was pretty clear last night when Ali arrived at Chris’s Bora Bora abode that they wouldn’t be going on a date. It was all over her face.

Chris would have been my choice, but I’m not Ali. All I’ve wanted this whole season, ever since she drew me in with her bubbly personality, honesty, and upbeat attitude, is for the show to end with her happiness. And last night, she looked ecstatic, relieved, and excited. She and Roberto seem to be truly in love, and my opinion of the man doesn’t matter. (He seems like a nice guy, just… you know… kind of boring.) Now, let’s hope Ali and Roberto’s love doesn’t go the way of Jake and Vienna’s or Jillian and Ed’s…or most of the other relationships in Bachelor/Bachelorette history… but if it does, check back for details!

Is anyone out there planning to watch Bachelor Pad?

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9 09 2010
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[…] I’m glad they’re still happy and in love since that gorgeous proposal in Bora Bora. […]

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