‘True Blood’: The mystery of Sookie Stackhouse

2 08 2010

What is Sookie? That’s been the question of the show, asked by Bill in the very first episode and again by Lorena last night (here’s a full recap, if that’s what you’re looking for). Our favorite telepath’s blood tastes so great that Lorena had to stop in the middle of sucking her dry to announce how awesome it is—and of course, Sookie and Bill rewarded her hesitation with a stake through the heart. Did you expect anything less? (The Post Mortem for Bill and Lorena’s relationship was pretty great, though.)

Bill Strangling Lorena

Rest in peace, Lorena.

Sookie’s coma-induced Lesbian Fantasy Paradise supports our theory that she’s some sort of angel, as does Eric’s surprise at Hadley’s revelation (which the audience could not hear). We know it’s something so wickedly awesome that Sophie-Anne would rather lose Hadley than reveal her knowledge, but there are all sorts of things that Sookie could be, and I haven’t heard many theories. Whatever it is, it means she doesn’t have a blood type—which you’d think someone would have noticed before now, considering she’s, what, in her 20s?

We also learned that even true love can’t quell Bill’s vampire instincts when he’s near death and offered Mystery Sookie Blood. I’m not sure if we were supposed to be surprised that he’s in a dog house after that, but I wasn’t. I’m a little annoyed that all of this Sookie/Bill animosity is so predicable. It’s a bit of a reversal of Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘s Spike, who was the Big Bad of season two and ultimately became one of Buffy’s closest allies. Bill began as an ally, but it feels like this plot line is all about screwing with him and Sookie simply because it’s season 3 and they need some good drama. He’ll likely remain on the outs for a few episodes, but not beyond that. (Unless Claudine’s prophecy holds water, of course.)

King Russell and Queen Sophie-Anne could be problematic now that they’re married and have consolidated the power of Mississippi and Louisiana, but Russell’s egoism can really only have one ending: his demise. It’ll probably come later rather than sooner, when the Sookie/Bill/Tara/Alcide plot meets the Russell/Eric/Sophie-Anne plot toward the end of the season, and hopefully there will be some epic vampire fireworks. This is already the goriest season yet, and there’s no reason Alan Ball should stop now.

Some lingering questions: Will Alcide’s murder of Coot and the other werewolf come back to haunt him? Will Debbie free herself and seek revenge? When will Eric’s plan come to fruition, and will he keep Sookie’s mystery a mystery? Was Sookie’s Lesbian Fantasy Paradise all in her head, and if not, what’s the explanation? Will the Authority get involved in stopping Russell—and can it even do anything? Is that it for Melinda and Joe Lee? What’s next for Tommy, now that his dog-fighting days are mercifully over? (I’ll be disappointed if it’s just working at Merlotte’s and flirting with Jessica!) And should we call Sam the “Dog Whisperer” from now on?

One final note: I’m excited that Alcide is now a series regular!

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10 08 2010
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