‘Big Brother’: Rachel’s second HOH reign is underway

2 08 2010

On Thursday’s live eviction episode, Andrew sealed his own fate by outing the in-house showmance between Kristen and Hayden (finally!) and revealing more of the house’s secrets. See it again, for awesomeness’s sake:

After Captain Kosher’s eviction, which allowed Kathy to stay in the house for now, the “Brenchel” (I’ve been avoiding it, but I might as well cave—it saves keystrokes) power couple scored another safe week when Rachel won Head of Household, culminating in an epic cat fight between her and Kristen.

It’s obvious that by putting Kristen and Hayden up on the block last night, the bubbly redhead is attempting to get her new “mortal enemy” kicked out and break up an alliance that she fears could become as strong as the one “between her and her man.” But Brendon is right—the target will never come off their backs if Rachel doesn’t quit acting like a bull being egged on by a matador.

No one yet suspects the existence of the Brigade—the clandestine Hayden, Lane, Enzo, and Matt alliance. Now that Hayden is on the block, it’s possible that their fight to keep him (the guys want Kristen gone so that she can’t threaten their alliance) will expose their secret. At this point, I’d love for that to happen—oh, the drama it could cause. I’m surprised people are neither suspicious of them nor treating them like floaters, but they’re just good at flying under the radar with all the Rachel/Kristen sparks flying.

Kristen will probably go home this week since both the Brigade and Brenchel are gunning for her. Her only option is to win POV, which would force Rachel to backdoor Kathy (Kristen’s BFF in the house). Kathy could win POV herself and take Kristen off, leaving Rachel with no good option for a second person to put on the block, but she’s been a poor performer in challenges and it’s doubtful that will happen. Actually, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t…

Spoiler Alert! Do not read past this point if you do not want to know who I believe wins POV on Wednesday.

The word is that Britney wins POV this week. She’s very good at playing both sides of the house and still laying low, and she’s become one of my favorites since Monet’s eviction—she’s just so sassy. My assumption is that she’s not close enough to Kristen or Hayden to take either of them off the block… Kristen maybe, but definitely not Hayden. And if she took Kristen off, she’d ruin the shaky relationship she’s established with Rachel, who wants Kristen out at all costs. No one wants to be on Brenchel’s bad side right now, so it’s my belief that the nominations will remain the same this week and Kristen will be evicted. But in the crazy world of Big Brother, who knows?

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