CBS announces twist for ‘Survivor: Nicaragua’ season

29 07 2010

Survivor: Nicaragua logo

The 21st season of Survivor, my absolute favorite show (and the show that taught me the joy of TV addictions), will premiere on Wednesday, September 15th at 8 PM, followed by the Big Brother finale from 9-11 PM. Talk about one huge night for CBS!

This is the first time since season 1 in Borneo that Survivor will air on Wednesdays—news that initially freaked me out, because I planned my fall class schedule around Thursdays (yes, I do that, even though I have DVR)—but fear not! My Wednesdays are clear, and I hope yours are too.

Survivor has given us all sorts of crazy tribe divisions in the past: men vs. women, tribes split by ethnicity (affectionately nicknamed the “race war” season), fans vs. favorites, heroes vs. villains, older men vs. younger men vs. older women vs. younger women, and more. The twist in Nicaragua will apparently be a spin on that last one: two co-ed tribes, split by age. One tribe will feature 10 castaways ages 40 and older, and the other will have 10 primarily in their 20s (with a few in their 30s).

We know that Jimmy Johnson, 67, NFL analyst and former head coach of the Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins, will be on the older tribe. In a game that generally—but not always!—favors younger players in physical challenges, will his years of leadership, teamwork, and strategy help his team succeed? Or will his fame and riches get him ousted early?

And it’s best not to count the older tribe out yet: Even if they’re weaker in physical challenges, they usually excel at puzzles and strategy. All I’m hoping for, really, is to have one excellent, evenly-matched season with a nice mix of physical and mental challenges—and without scumbag Russell Hantz’s ugly mug on my screen every week.

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16 09 2010
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