‘The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All,’ and finale speculation

28 07 2010

Monday night’s special episode, The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All, was little more than a Justin and Frank bash fest. Justin deserves it, surely, but if it’s true what they’re saying about Frank wanting to leave sooner but the producers forcing him to stay for drama’s sake, then the man deserves less blame than I initially threw across his shoulders. If it’s not true, though, I still stand by my earlier comments: He ultimately did as close to the right thing as possible (the right thing would be to not come on the show at all, and it was too late for that), but he should have done it sooner.

As for Justin, I hope I never see him on TV again and that this whole thing blew up right in his smug face. I hope both girlfriends dumped him, and he finds himself in need of a new career. Sure, it’s just a TV show, and I’m not one to wish evil on people. But what he did was disgraceful, manipulative, and immature, and no one should be screwing with three women’s hearts at once. (Let’s ignore the inherent hypocrisy that comes with shows like The Bachelorette, kay?)

Kirk was so graceful, Craig R. was funny but he talked too much, Kasey made me laugh (in a good way), and the other Chris was chattier than I’d ever seen him—and that Phantom stuff was pretty hilarious. Actually, the outtakes were the funniest and most entertaining part of the show, because despite the special’s name, the men really just rehashed what we already knew.

I will not be covering Bachelor Pad, just to let you know in advance. This might change… but I doubt it.

Ali Fedotowsky, this season's BacheloretteThe following is pure speculation and is not meant to contain spoilers.
Come Monday night, we’ll finally have an answer to the burning question: Who the heck does the lovely Ali Fedotowsky pick as her husband? A rumor originating from Reality Steve says she picks no one. But like many fans, I doubt that’s the outcome. (And I’ll be really disappointed if it is—I know this is Ali’s insane love adventure and ultimately she has to do what’s right for her, but she strung all of us along, too!) Although people seem to think Ali was all set to pick Frank and she could not recover in time to decide on Roberto or Chris, I felt throughout the season that Frank was her dark horse (“My relationship with you scares me,” she said) and that he was consistently in third place. I always assumed that she would have sent him home and we’d have the same final two we do now. I could be wrong, though, and knowing that Frank appears on the After the Final Rose special makes me think something crazy might happen, like she rejects both Chris and Roberto and Frank proposes to her instead (after he realizes that yeah, Nicole was an ex for a reason). But, we shall see.

Between the last two guys standing, I’m still pulling for Chris. He’s well-rounded, sensitive, hilarious, and overall really great husband material. But I think she’s going to pick Roberto (if she picks anyone). They’ve had chemistry since the beginning, and the extra footage on The Men Tell All showcased the funny side of him rather than the snoozefest side. Of course, it’ll depend on her parents’ opinions too, and I’m really excited to see Monday’s episode.

What do you all think? The cute, funny guy from Cape Cod with the great family, or the sexy baseball player turned salsa dancer? I’ll be back next week for my last post on The Bachelorette—until next season, of course!

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