True Blood: Tara’s redemption, Sookie’s “fine line between feisty and delusional”

26 07 2010

Last night’s True Blood episode was one of my favorites of the season—and since I also said that last week, this is apparently one heck of a season. Each plot line had significant advances, though I find myself pitying Arlene for running Merlotte’s and babysitting customer-chomping Jessica (Merlotte’s does have Tru Blood, lady!) while everyone else is out smashing vampire skulls and hunting down dog fighting rings.

Tara and Franklin
This week, Tara chose to fight instead of die. She really found herself, and Rutina Wesley played her so well. Tara got the news last episode that Franklin intended make her his vampire bride, so she convinced him she was all for it, culminating in gnawing on his neck in one of the most gut-wrenching scenes of the season—and then, crept out of bed and smashed his brains all over the bed with a mace before high-tailing it out of there. But as any good vampire slayer knows, one must remove the head (and, to be sure, the heart), so something tells me we haven’t seen the last of Franklin.

Tara followed through on her telepathic promise to rescue Sookie, and the two ran out of the house, splitting up for Sookie to rescue Bill (despite the knowledge that he has a file on her) and Tara to find and hotwire a car. And we got a nice peek at Alcide’s backside as he launched forms from wolf to man and decided to help this newly-badass Tara out.

Sookie (Anne Paquin) and Bill (Stephen Moyer)Lorena, Bill, and Sookie
Bill spent most of this episode tied up and bleeding in Lorena’s hands—despite King Russell’s order to kill him, it took her forever to get going because letting go of Bill is serious business. And because there wouldn’t be a show without him. And because keeping the show’s female (and gay) audience enthralled with a shirtless Stephen Moyer spread out on floor the is a major plus. But I digress.

It looked like the end of Bill when werewolves Coot and Debbie broke in to “turn this here dead man into a fucking raisin,” and indeed, he looked awfully pale when Sookie showed up. I wish he’d warned her that Lorena was there instead of just moaning her name, but the guy’s judgment was probably a little off. It’ll be rough for Sookie next week, as the episode ended with Lorena’s fangs on her neck. Hopefully, Alcide heard her scream and he and Tara come to the rescue; alas, we must be patient.

Eric, Russell, and Queen Sophie-Anne
Eric’s played nice with King Russell, whose V-addicted wolves murdered his family back in the day. In doing so, he abandoned Sookie (Eric: “You mean nothing to me, understand? Nothing.” Sookie: “I hate your fucking guts, Eric Northman!”). But, I’m convinced that when King Russell is out of the way, they might settle these differences—though Sookie and Bill belong together, Eric’s pining adds some excitement to the mix. The visit to Sophie-Anne’s was awesome, with Russell’s (ultimately successful) marriage proposal and Eric threatening to “rip [the Queen’s] head off and throw it in the pool” as the means of revoking his allegiance to her. Brilliant. I’m excited to see how this plays out.

Jason and Crystal
Three things are pretty clear: These two are totally into each other, Crystal is some sort of shifter, and Crystal’s fiancé is a damned idiot for believing that she and Jason didn’t know each other. I’m ready for this plot line to speed up. Also, what does Jason have against QB One?

Lafayette and Jesus
The car scene was torturous. We all sat there in my living room, necks craned forward, waiting… waiting… and finally! The kiss. Our happiness was short-lived, though—when Jesus found out Lafayette deals V, he asked to be returned to his car. But this can’t be the end for them, because not only would the writers have wasted valuable time developing the relationship (and the fact that Jesus can kick some serious ass), but they know we all want to see Lafayette’s bedroom.

Sam, Tommy, and their parents
If any characters have run their course, it’s Melinda and Joe Lee. I wish Sam had listened at the door when Tommy and Melinda talked privately, because he would have come to the dog fighting conclusion much sooner—but as it stands, Arlene got to help by pointing out the pitbull to Sam, so I suppose there was some sense to the delay. I like Tommy and I want him to stick around, but it’s time those heinous parents were out of the picture.

What will happen in the second half of this incredible season? Any speculation? (No spoilers, please.)

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