Big Brother: Matt’s Nominations

26 07 2010

It was a long time to wait for the same information that Big Brother Live Online spoiled for me via Twitter a couple of days ago, but last night’s episode was still fun to watch. (I’m still trying to forget what they said about who won the POV competition, and thus far I’m doing okay, so please don’t respoil me!) I should note here that I do not subscribe to the live feed; I’d love to, but I’m a graduate student with more pressing things to spend money on.

Matt won Head of Household fair and square—although Ragan offered a deal, Matt decided to stick it out. His wife’s letter in the HOH room convinced even skeptical Andrew that her condition was real, so I have to give Matt (and his wife) props.

The order of elimination in the surfboard endurance competition:
1. Kathy
2. Lane
3. Kristen
4. Hayden
5. Britney
So they are the Haves for the week (along with Rachel, as outgoing HOH), and
6. Enzo
7. Brendon
8. Andrew
9. Ragan
are the Have Nots, meaning they get to eat baby food and bok choy along with slop. Fortunately for Andrew, America’s selections seem to be kosher.

Britney teaching Enzo how to pronounce words without his New Jersey accent was one of the highlights of my evening, especially when she got him saying “I reckon.” Britney and Lane made me laugh, too, by supplying voices for Brendon and Rachel exercising out in the yard. Even though that girl is catty and whiny, she is hilarious—and so is Lane, for comparing this role-play with talking to horses back at home.

Britney and Lane making fun of Brendon and Rachel

Britney and Lane role-playing Brendon and Rachel

Matt called out Rachel for not holding up her end of the deal when he volunteered to go up on the block, and he proved time and time again this past week that he knows how to think ahead. He made a deal with Brendon and Rachel not to put them up, and instead nominated Kathy and Andrew for eviction. His intention, though, is to break up the showmance by backdooring Brendon or Rachel, assuming one of them doesn’t win the Power of Veto. However, he’ll also be perfectly happy if the nominations stay the same. I hope they do, because I’m not ready for Brendon or Rachel to leave yet, despite what I said a few episodes ago. I’d like to see Kathy go, if only because she doesn’t bring the drama.

The Brigade is beginning to suspect and worry about Hayden’s showmance with Kristen, too, so I wouldn’t be too shocked if that blew up soon. What surprises me is that no one suspects the Brigade yet.

Looking forward to Wednesday! And I’ll be back tonight or tomorrow, after The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All.

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