True Blood: “Trouble”—and Love—are A-Brewin’

22 07 2010

Sunday’s episode (I’m sorry this post is so late!) of True Blood found Sookie’s search for Bill and her relationships with Alcide and Eric on the backburner. Regardless, it was a fantastic episode, with lots of character and plot development.

Will Tara become Franklin’s undead bride?
Tara is still in serious trouble after her failed escape from Franklin—although she chose daylight hours to run for it, the werewolf on guard caught wind of her flight and chased her down. But she took control of the situation… for now. I don’t think Franklin will succeed in making her a vampire, but if someone’s going to be turned, Tara would make sense: she always seems to be in trouble, makes bad decisions, and is integral to the plot but not much would change—except that Merlotte’s would have two vampires on staff.

Jessica and Arlene
Jessica has grown to be one of my favorite characters, despite my initial misgivings. I love her territory battle with Arlene, and her use of mind control to tell patrons that, no matter what happens, they “should not tip the waitress” made everyone in my living room laugh.

Other Relationships
Jason has a new love interest in the mysterious Crystal and Jessica and Tommy gave each other the eye, but I’m fascinated by Lafayette and Jesus. Lafayette is one of my favorite characters and while this whole Jesus thing is adorable, there has to be something bad going down. Lafayette is too devious and prone to trouble for a normal relationship, at least in TV drama land.

And finally, Sookie and Bill
Sookie’s weird glowy power thing is back! We haven’t seen it since she defeated Maryann last season, and I’m glad it’s still in play. Bill is suspicious of her origins; as you recall, he asked her what she was when they first met. My boyfriend’s guess is that she’s an angel, and I could see that being the case. I hate to think it, but could Bill have been screwing with Sookie from the beginning, for some nefarious vampire purposes? He’s a wild card this season, with shifting loyalties and more broodiness than usual. He did run to her once discovering she was nearby—only to lead King Russell there, too. I want them to get back together, but at this point, who knows?

And apparently, Eric’s viking family was murdered by werewolves and, possibly, King Russell. What’s up with that? Is Sheriff Northman seeking revenge while he stays in Mississippi? (And, also, Eric was a Nazi and a viking? Dude’s got quite a past!)

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