Big Brother: Live Blogging Episode 7

22 07 2010

This post contains spoilers for Thursday’s episode, as well as for Sunday’s upcoming episode. Don’t read all the way to the bottom if you don’t want to know who wins HOH before Sunday.

7:52 PM I’m already on a blogging tear today, so I figured why wait until tomorrow when I can just blog this as it’s happening? It is the live eviction and Head of Household (HOH) Competition, after all. If they can do it live, so can I!

8:00 Julie Chen just used words from my earlier post’s title (“bold move”)! It’s totally a coincidence, but still. Nice.

8:03 It is day 20 inside the House—I can’t believe they’ve been there for almost a month!

8:04 And that’s why I want Monet gone. I’m so tired of hearing “stupid bimbo” and other derogatory terms. I think Matt is safe, but there’s really no telling yet.

8:06 The showmance partners Rachel and Brendon have been butting heads, huh? Can’t wait for the dramatic falling out…. And now we’re back to the bitching crybabies, Monet and Britney. Shut up, ladies, or Enzo will have to start calling you “meow,” you’re so damn catty.

8:08 Hayden and Kristen have a “secret showmance.” Nice. I never once used the word “showmance” before this season of this show—even Jordan and Jeff seemed more real than these people. Good to see Kristen getting some air time, even if it’s just her making out with Hayden… and Andrew, unbeknownst to them, listening to every lip smack.

8:11 Rachel, you have it in the bag. Don’t spread rumors! That’s what messes things up!

8:12 Kristen to Monet: “Matt doesn’t deserve to go home over you. That’s the bottom line.” Sing it, sister.

8:17 I keep wondering why Rachel wants Britney as a friend, but I finally think it’s just because she wants to be everyone’s friend. I can’t believe she just told her enemy that Matt volunteered himself—I believe all Matt was doing was playing up the offended role to convince Monet and Britney that he didn’t volunteer himself. Rachel just blew it. Good meeting, guys.

8:24 Ragan: “Being tied up and strapped to a wall is a typical night in West Hollywood for me, Julie.”

8:25 I’m glad that the houseguests are actually tolerant of Andrew’s religion, and I thought that Kathy’s detective skills would serve her well in the house—I’m sad to hear she feels like she’s left them all at home! I actually like both of these folks, more than I thought I would. My feelings on Rachel and Britney keep changing based on their levels of stupidity and cattiness, the Brigade is a pretty lame (but so far successful) alliance, and after Annie’s departure I’m pretty sure Ragan is my favorite houseguest.

8:30 Rachel would pick Brendon over half a million dollars after knowing him for 20 days? Well, at least the girl knows what she wants.

8:33 Matt: “It’s all you, Chen-bot, take it away.”
And the voting results:
Andrew- Monet
Enzo- Monet
Britney- Matt
8:36 During the commercial break, I find myself eating my words. It’s possible that Rachel didn’t blow it, and the producers just wanted us to think she did. Typical. Let’s see how it turns out….
8:38 And we’re back. It’s 2-1 Monet so far. More results:
Kathy- Matt
Hayden- Monet
Kristen- Monet
Ragan- Monet
It’s official! Monet is going home!
Brendon- Monet
Lane- Monet

8:40 And here it comes… “Monet, you have been evicted from the Big Brother House.” Now, go be bitchy and catty somewhere else. Good luck with that modeling career.

8:50 Time for the HOH Competition! It’s a basic endurance challenge: stay on the surfboards for as long as possible. But the first five people who drop out get to be the Haves for the week, so it comes down to what they want more—the power, or good food and warm showers. And a room without maggots.

8:55 Of course, there’s no time to finish the HOH Competition tonight. We’ll find out Sunday—or sooner, if you subscribe to the live CBS feed. It looks like they’re offering a 3-day free trial, if you’re interested!

8:57 The water’s pelting the houseguests on their boards, but it doesn’t look like anyone’s going to drop out before the end of the credits….

See you next week!

Word on the street is that Matt won HOH after making a deal with Ragan. Proof, via Big Brother Live Online:

Matt wearing the HOH Key

Matt wearing the HOH Key. | Image Credit: Big Brother Live Online.

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