Big Brother: Britney fights for Monet’s survival, and Matt makes bold moves

22 07 2010
The Big Brother 12 Cast

Image Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS

In last night’s Power of Veto (POV) competition, I was certain that Britney Haynes dropped her suitcase too early and the nominations would, therefore, remain the same. But with Enzo Palumbo (that is, Meow-Meow) out seconds over the one-hour mark, Britney was able to remove herself from the block. (And Monet Stunson: 60 times 60 equals 1,200? I’m awful at math and even I know dunderhead Rachel Reilly one-upped her there.)

Cue scrambling. Britney and Monet almost convinced HOH Rachel to nominate Andrew Gordon, but showmance partner Brendon Villegas talked her out of it. Which leads me to wonder: Are Brendon and Andrew friends outside of the game? Now, that clue could just be one of Saboteur Annie’s lingering lies, but who knows? It’s more fun if I believe it’s still an option. Andrew made his happiness no secret when Rachel won Head of Household, and Brendon fought hard to keep him off the block, yet they have no public in-game alliance. How suspicious.

Instead of Andrew, legend-in-his-own-mind Matt Hoffman volunteered himself as a pawn for the block after lying to the whole house. In an attempt to convince them he’s there for charitable reasons, he took a disease name from a medical show and cited his wife’s need for major surgery as the reason he’s there. (See Melorheostosis: Matt Big Brother Revelation for information on the real disease.) We know podiatrist Andrew isn’t convinced, but will the rest of the house feel sympathy and keep Matt around? Or will the lie get him sent home (to his healthy wife)? Pawns tend to go home this early in the game, so it’s risky. And he’s not exactly the world’s greatest liar, with all that smirking and twitching going on. I do hope he stays tonight, though, because if I have to hear Monet call Rachel (who I don’t even like) a “skanky ass bimbo stripper” for another whole week, I will scream.

His lie is on par with Jonny Fairplay lying about his grandmother’s death to win a challenge in Survivor: Pearl Islands (which host Jeff Probst called “the greatest lie in Survivor history”—and that’s saying a lot).

Rachel fears Britney coming for her, but without Monet in the house Britney will have little power unless she can form a new alliance. Maybe with Kristen Bitting and Kathy Hillis, who were MIA this episode? Except Kristen is in with Hayden, who is part of the Brigade. No, I think if Monet goes home, Rachel (sadly) has nothing to worry about—until the guys come for her and Brendon again.

What do you think? Will it be Matt or Monet tonight? Are Brendon and Andrew real-life buddies? And who will be HOH for the next week? I can’t wait to see Julie Chen‘s face tonight, that’s for sure! I’ll be live-blogging tonight’s episode, so tune in!

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22 07 2010
Big Brother: Britney fights for Monet's survival, and Matt makes … | Big Brother Fan Club

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