The Bachelorette: Frank Bids Ali Farewell

20 07 2010

I’m having epic love/hate feelings for Frank today. On one hand, he did the right thing by finally deciding to go back to Nicole in Chicago, if that’s where his heart truly led him. On the other hand, he absolutely should have told Ali sooner if he was having conflicting feelings. He really broke her heart, and I feel awful for her. First Justin, and now Frank—and in both cases, there were guys from the week before (Kasey and Kirk) who would gladly take the shamed men’s places. Frank was honest as soon as he knew his feelings, at least, but he should have mentioned his insecurities sooner instead of leading Ali on.

(Let’s just disregard the fact that the guys have shared Ali with each other for the entire course of the show, shall we? That’s what this journey is about, and the hypocritical nature of it is unavoidable.)

I missed most of Roberto’s date because the episode’s first 20 minutes were replaced by a severe weather warning here in Massachusetts, but I’m glad he finally told her that he’s “falling in love” with her. He seemed slightly less boring in this episode, but only slightly. He’s such a dud of a man. They seemed to have fun in that couples’ suite—but again, so did Ali and Chris.

I’m still totally all for Chris, and I hope Ali picks him in two weeks. (Since, you know, I’m taken.) He seems genuine and kind-hearted, more so than all the other guys—except maybe Kasey—and he actually said, “God, I love you,” instead of just the obligatory “I’m falling for you.”

I’m really curious about what happened in those couples’ suites, but I’ll leave that information to Ali and her suitors. I’m glad that Frank left before putting himself in such a compromising position, which would have ultimately hurt Ali more. And Ali ensuring that both Chris and Roberto know that they are accepting the rose—and therefore accepting her, and committing to her—was a good move and a nice touch.

So, next week we have the guys’ reunion. Who’s excited? I wish the episodes were reversed, with Ali’s choice next week and the reunion the week after, but I suppose this is a good method for keeping The Bachelor and The Bachelorette audience interested for as long as possible.

They’re out of order, but I’ll have a True Blood post for you shortly.

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