Big Brother: Bye, Annie!

16 07 2010

Double dose of sadness: Annie, my favorite houseguest, was unanimously sent packing, and she was the saboteur (good call, boyfriend!), so there goes that exciting bit of drama for the rest of the season. I’m glad she left some goodies behind, though.

I’m disappointed that Rachel is Head of Household (HOH) because she’s an annoying dolt, but if it means that ridiculous Brigade is out of power for now, I’m okay with it. It’s funny: I was on the side of the showmance last season (but Jeff and Jordan were pretty cool—until I watched The Amazing Race and saw how stupid and squeamish they both are), and this time I’m against it.

And in any case, it’s still early in the game. There are a bunch of people we haven’t really heard much from yet, like Kristen and Ragan, and I’m excited to see how they wind up playing.

See you next week!

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