Big Brother: Initial Schemes

15 07 2010

I said I’d only post once a week on Big Brother, but last night was just too enticing (and I’ll likely post again tonight or tomorrow).

The Brigade
This is just a recipe for disaster. Hayden’s kind of a dummy, Enzo is dangerous and wants to control the show, Lane and Matt have their own ideas of what’s going on… they’re going to wind up turning on each other. Seriously, it’s only week one.

Rachel and Brendan

“So when we get out of this house do you want to go out on a date?” – Brendon, to Rachel

Too obvious, guys. The hammock-smoochies aren’t helping, either. I’m not surprised at all that people want to split up the couple—couples can be dangerous, as Jeff and Jordan proved last summer (as did Rob and Amber in Survivor: All Stars—and they got married!). And Rachel seems pretty wrapped up in the showmance, based on her claim to take Brendan off the block instead of herself. Fortunately, she did not win the Power of Veto.

POV Challenge
But Brendan did, with the 13-letter word “understanding.” Besides the fact that making people rummage through spoiled mayonnaise is actually a little dangerous (food poisoning, anyone?), I love these spelling challenges. I don’t believe for one second that a podiatrist would spell “pasteurize” wrong by accident, but Andrew’s claim that he threw the challenge leads me even more to believe that he’s the saboteur (more on that in a moment).

POV Meeting
I thought for a split second that Brendan would take Rachel off the block, but I quickly realized I was giving him more credit than he deserved. I am, however, super sad that Annie was put up in his place. She’s my favorite in the house so far (and a front-runner for saboteur, along with Andrew), and I’d hate to see her go. So I’m gunning for Rachel tonight, and honestly, I wish dummyhead Hayden has listened to Lane and put Kathy up. But Annie is playing an obvious and dangerous game, buddying up to everyone in the house, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she went home tonight. I’m just hoping that breaking up the showmance is more important to the rest of the house, because Rachel’s laugh makes me want to pull her overly-processed hair out.

Saboteur Speculation
Andrew: He’s trying so hard to avoid blame and point out out that he couldn’t possibly be the saboteur that, for me, this is a case of protesting too much. He did throw the pillow when the lights went out in the premiere, too, but I remain convinced that the lights thing was a production stunt.

Annie: She’s working the house, and she’s all outgoing and able to play various roles. It could easily be her. (She’s my boyfriend’s pick, too.)

Kathy: Another case of protesting too much. She’s doing a ton of finger-pointing. But she was there on the couch when the lights went out, right? So, if production didn’t pull off that little stunt, it couldn’t be her.

Kristen: She’s a possibility just because she’s laying so incredibly low and because production is giving her very little screen time, making me think even they want to keep her under wraps.

The Reveal
The saboteur video at the end of last night’s episode indicated that two people in the house actually know each other very well and have been friends their whole lives. I like the Kathy is Britney’s mom theory, but it also sounds a little far-fetched. I think it’s more likely that two people are friends, but I really don’t know who yet. Andrew protested too much again (“I couldn’t know anyone here before because none of you know anything about Judaism”), so maybe it is him and Kristen.

What do you think? Who are friends? Who’s the saboteur? Will my favorite, Annie, be saved tonight? Come back tomorrow and we’ll have some answers….

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