True Blood: After the Neck Twisting

12 07 2010

Weekend/Monday blogs will likely be late from here on out due to class. I’m writing this from the classroom (but before class starts!), so please forgive me for keeping it short.

Bill was pretty convincing in his phone breakup with our favorite telepath, but it’s obvious he’s doing all of this to protect her. Unfortunately, it’s very typical of vampire/human relationships and I’ve seen it two billion times: “All I do is hurt you, we have no future, I have to leave you, it’s better this way.” Even the sex thing (“I don’t have to hold back with another vampire”) is typical. I know Bill is lying, but still. More unique excuses, please.

I’m excited to see Lorena develop more. I remain convinced that Bill despises her, and the sex is for show (and to protect Sookie—the irony, it tickles). But might things change? Of course.

I’m really happy to finally get some Sookie/Eric action—although his distraction/daydreaming/vampire sense thing was hilarious. The raid, less so. I’m not really opposed to getting such a good look at Pam, but I do wish she didn’t have to be tortured.

Alcide is still hot as ever, but we certainly saw another side of him—particularly the jealous wolfy side. It was great to meet Debbie and learn something about pack dynamics. And V-addicted werewolves add something special. The bar full of ’em transforming and howling was awesome. I’m really pleased with the werewolf aspect of this show so far. They’re my favorite “movie monsters,” and True Blood is doing them some serious justice.

I have decided to confine Big Brother posts to once per week, despite the three nights. If something really interesting happens, expect more. And my latest Bachelorette post will be up tomorrow!

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