Live Blogging the Big Brother 12 Premiere

8 07 2010

While we wait for Jeopardy! to finish up (the answer is “Census,” kids), I’ll just explain a little why I decided to blog as I watch. I have been waiting for this day all summer—nay, since the last season ended—and I’d like to record my first impressions as it unfolds. Last season was my first time watching Big Brother, and it quickly became my go-to summer reality show—even more so than The Bachelorette. Survivor is the epitome of my reality TV love, and last August I wrote about the differences between it and BB. But, when it comes down to it, I just love shows where strangers have to live together and vote each other out, be it in the wilderness or a fancy house. I love studying the human condition in such situations, even if they’re scripted/not really real/planned out/expected/etc. I like the interactions and the decisions.

So, how does live blogging work? Well, I’ll update the post anytime something exciting happens, and you can follow along! There may be typos, etc. I’ll clean it up later.

So here we are at 7:59.
8 PM: Giant twist? Tell us, Julie! Apparently, someone’s playing an entirely different game. Hmm, what could that be?
8:01: I had no idea this show goes on for over 70 days! And yay, the twist is meant to create more drama. It will be a saboteur, a person not there to win but instead to wreck havoc. Awesome.
8:03: A sexy chemist, a genius drummer, and a cowboy who says “are ya jackin’ with me?” Also, a bisexual chick, a hot swim coach, “the life of every party,” and a gay professor. This is gonna be great. Religion drama, too!
8:07: Watching people leave their loved ones and families for 70+ days is actually kind of sad. Who do you think the saboteur is? The obvious guess would be the backstabbing drummer guy, but he’s probably too obvious.
8:09: I like the decor this year. Much classier.
8:10: I thought Matt was a little person for a moment, but it just turns out he was on a lower step. Oh well. That would have been really fun and interesting, and more inclusive than this house full of hot mostly-white people. But then, this is Big Brother.
8:12: “Rachel is boob city.” Well, Monet, you look like the crazy bitch Chima. (I’ll probably wind up liking Monet.)
8:13: He wears a Yamakapour? Oh my goodness.
8:15: Aww, we have a “fag hag” in the house! I love it. (And I mean that in the least-offensive way possible, I promise.) I like these people so far. There’s a good mix, and I’m excited to see the 44-year-old female cop in the house. She’ll either be super cool or a real drag, and I’m excited to find out which. Now, I don’t profess to know everything about BB. This is only the second full season I’ve watched, as I said before. But these people seem to be playing the same basic tricks as last year—lying about professions and keeping personal stuff to themselves (like Annie the bisexual), to name a couple.
8:19: Reveal it, Julie!
8:20: “Expect the unexpected”: I love the looks on their faces. Enzo makes me giggle.
8:22: I really like the saboteur idea. The person’s goal is to survive in the game for five weeks, and if he or she does, s/he gets $50,000. It’s a fun balancing act, trying to wreck havoc while concealing your identity. I’m excited to see how it plays out and I’ll be sad if the saboteur is discovered, like, this week.
8:27: First Head of Household (HOH) competition! I love these things.
8:29: The costumes in this show are ridiculous. I still remember the giant banana from last summer, and now there’s a hot dog.
8:31: I don’t have any favorites yet, so I don’t really care who wins this HOH competition. I’d probably pull an Annie and go for the $10,000… but then, there’s the jealousy factor, and no shot at HOH. It’s all about strategy at this point. The end prize is a lot bigger than 10 grand.
8:36: Maybe busted-knee girl (Britney?) is the saboteur. (I’m going to be speculating on this a lot. Really, I hope she is the saboteur and therefore isn’t really hurt. Injuries on the first day aren’t cool.)
8:41: Monet, you’re stealing my idea! But, I’m glad they’ve sent a medic in. And we have our first alliance. But, anyway, I think the Red Team might win this one.
8:44: Hayden’s the first HOH! I hope he’s a good guy, and not a dick like Jesse last summer. I wonder if the saboteur will eventually reveal him- or herself to the audience, in the Diary Room or what-have-you.
8:46: It’s gonna take me awhile to remember everyone’s names, so bear with me.
8:49: The audience gets to suggest strategies for the saboteur, which is great. And now the lights are out! Who’s missing? Who is it?
8:51: I love how thrown pillows make these women scream in the dark. And the saboteur has sentenced them all to eating slop by locking up the food and supplies. And people suspect Andrew now, but I think that’s too obvious, just like angry drummer dude was too obvious.
8:54: We have a new episode on Sunday, then Wednesday (unfortunately, I have class), and then next Thursday—which is when we learn the saboteur’s identity.
8:55: Good night, Julie!

That’s about it. I don’t think I’ll live blog every episode, because it’s honestly more fun to watch them and write later, but I enjoyed this and I might do it again.

Who do you think the saboteur is?

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