The Bachelorette: “You’re gonna regret this!”

29 06 2010

I hate that I like Ali, but truly, she just gets more and more awesome with each episode. The fear on her face (which my boyfriend perceived as anger) when Chris Harrison said that Jessie had some serious news for her was tangible and just served to make her more endearing. She’s so nice, and friendly, and fun, and it’s no wonder these guys are fighting for her heart. She’s really in this to find love (my boyfriend doesn’t think so, but more on that in a bit).

I think she could have approached the Justin situation with a bit more tact and privacy, but embarrassing someone when you’re pissed at them can be pretty cathartic. And it was really fun to watch him run away with his tail between his legs. Those voicemails at the end made me want to punch him in the face for leading Ali on. Now, I was convinced that the person with a girlfriend at home was Frank, but according to the previews he just gets freaked out and leaves. But we’ll see next week. Personally, I’m glad it was Justin—although I, like Ali, was fooled by his acting, he had started to rub me the wrong way lately with his snide comments and egotism. I like everyone else still there much better (Chris L.—Massachusetts homeboy—is totally my favorite). And now I feel even worse for poor Kasey, even though I agreed with Ali’s decision to send him home; he was getting a little unstable out there.

My boyfriend tried to argue that Ali had no right to be angry because she’s doing the exact same thing as Justin. She’s dating multiple people (counterpoint: they all know about it and knew what they were getting into) and she also gave up her great job to be on a television show and, he argues, to jump-start an acting career (counterpoint: Ali did it to find a husband and there’s no evidence that she wants to be an actress, although she does look great on camera; Justin seems to have already found his wife, and planned to string Ali along to get himself more airtime). So, I think the boy is wrong. The funny part is that the guys on the show were right from the start, but I guess they had a lot more insight than either Ali or me, considering they had to live with the jerk.

I also admire Ali’s decision to skip the cocktail party. It was obvious that she had less chemistry with Craig than the rest of the guys, and while I feel bad for him, I think she made the right choice. Craig seems like a great guy—funny, smart, successful—but Ali also wants someone who gets her all hot and bothered, and Craig wasn’t that person. So who’s left? Chris L. and Roberto look like the frontrunners, although Ali obviously still really likes Frank and Ty. Will she rekindle those hot, sexy feelings with Kirk before the next rose ceremony? If Frank leaves on his own accord, will the other guys get all terrified about commitment as well and leave poor Ali hanging? I really want this girl to find true love, because it’s a great feeling and she deserves it.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to watch. I never thought I’d like The Bachelorette this much—I stopped watching about three episodes into Jillian’s season because I got busy—but it has become one of my TV priorities. (Ali is great, but seeing those steamy guys with their shirts off every week is awesome too.) Unfortunately, I have a Monday/Wednesday night class starting on July 7th, so my posts might be a little later in the weeks to come. But, again, thank goodness for DVR.

I hope this experience ruins Rated R‘s wrestling career for good.

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