True Blood: Mmm, hot werewolves.

28 06 2010

This post contains spoilers.

Sorry for the week-long hiatus; I spent half of it at a wedding in Florida and the other half catching up on all my other projects.

I crammed in two weeks’ worth of True Blood last night (thank goodness for DVR), minus about 10 minutes at the beginning of the new episode when my cable crapped out. Ahh, Comcast, how I loathe thee. Fortunately, this recap was there to help me out.

So, first off, I really like the non-CGI werewolves. Real wolves look menacing enough on their own. And Sookie’s hot new werewolf bodyguard is pretty neat—the half-telepathic half-aloud conversation over tea was cute and hilarious. She was awesome in the werewolf bar, too, except that the girl still doesn’t always know her limits. Gettin’ all alone with Wolf Swayze wasn’t necessarily the best idea. Fortunately, Alcide (the hot wolf bodyguard) was there to save her.

But what’s been shocking me this season is Bill. What’s with the shift in allegiance? (Except, of course, to save Sookie. That’s probably what it is.) And I hate that he’s schtupping Lorena, who turned him into a vampire and threatened his wife back in the 1800s. That neck-twisted sex scene was enough to make even me cringe, and blood and gore is kind of my thing. E! Online called it “arguably television’s most shocking sex scene of all time” (link). Either way, it spells trouble for Bill and Sookie’s relationship, even though Lorena did command him to make love to her. (She’s his maker; he cannot refuse her. But wait! Didn’t she release him from that clause years ago? Food for thought….) The preview of next week’s episode (actually, two weeks from yesterday—the next episode will be on July 11th) shows our favorite telepath (finally) getting all cozy with Sheriff Eric. Although I love Sookie/Bill, I’m excited for some change and development of Lorena’s character. S/B are pretty much meant for each other and I predict that’s how they’ll ultimately end up, regardless of any insanity this season.

As for Tara, Sam, and Arlene, their sideplots are cool. I’m happy that Lafayette was able to knock some sense into Tara—just in time for her to get all sexy with a creepy vampire and wind up glamoured at the end. Awesome. I’m curious to see if Arlene confesses about the pregnancy (who’s the real daddy again? Any of you remember?), and Sam’s new “family” just rubs me the wrong way. It’ll be great to see how it all progresses.

Stay tuned for updates on The Bachelorette and the new episodes of Futurama.

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