The Bachelorette: Ali’s Continued Quest

15 06 2010

I have to run off to work, so this is going to be quick.

I must admit that Kasey is adorable in an obsessive puppy dog sort of way. But the singing took it way over the top, and I understand Ali’s apprehension. I’m excited to see her reaction to the tattoo, because while Kasey thinks it’s a grand gesture, I bet it’s going to freak down-to-earth Ali way the hell out (and drama like that is what makes this show fun). At least some of the guys’ anger was deflected away from Justin this week. I am glad that the bandage is due to a tattoo and not a suicide attempt, as was predicted earlier. That would have been very very sad.

And how sweet is Chris L.? Bringing sick Ali flowers and soup was an awesome move, and I’m glad she felt well enough to go out on their date. That club looks awesome and goodness did it make me crave seafood. I love that Ali loves Chris’s family, and letting him call his dad was a great touch. They work really well together and I’m rooting for him at this point.

For my own birthday, my lovely boyfriend is planning a belated trip to New York City to see “The Lion King,” so this episode got me all excited. I loved the tryouts, and it was no surprise that Roberto won that round.

I was surprised that Ali sent The Weatherman and Jesse home, but I suppose I shouldn’t be. Jonathan was too awkward and uncomfortable for her, and she says she had no connection with Jesse. That’s all completely fair. I feel like Roberto and Chris L. are the frontrunners right now, along with Frank (although—SPOILER ALERT—the rumors say he has a girlfriend back home). I’m not sure how many times I can hear guys say, “Now she’s my girlfriend. I think of her as my girlfriend. She’s mine,” without wanting to punch someone in the face. It’s her choice, buddy, and she does have a major one in front of her. But I think I can get through this season without breaking another TV if I just exert some self-control.

It was nice to see her be stingy and secretive in terms of handing out roses, and although this is a (silly) TV show, it does seem like Ali is taking this pick-a-husband thing very seriously. I give her major props for that, and I hope she winds up happy.

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