True Blood: Season 3 Premiere

14 06 2010

I cannot even tell you how happy I was to see these opening credits again.

I first wrote about True Blood almost a year ago, when I had just finished marathoning season one and was about to start season two. (You can read about that here.) I loved the show then, but now? It’s a Sunday night staple, and I’ve missed it since season two ended. I enjoyed season two, but not as much as season one. I couldn’t stand Mary Ann—not that you’re supposed to like villains, but my favorite lady villains are like Glory from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

For memory’s sake:

Anyway. I don’t want to spoil anything, because I know a lot of people don’t have HBO and may not have seen the True Blood premiere yet. But before I return to watching the newest Bachelorette episode, I’ll tell you the one thing I’m super-duper excited about: werewolves. And not like the hulking, silly half-man/half-beast werewolves. The awesome, just-looks-like-a-big-wolf kind. Totally my favorite.

And P.S., we got a new TV.

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2 responses

14 06 2010

I love how Alan Ball chose to use real wolves for the show. It’s a lot better than the CGI wolves in the Twilight saga!

14 06 2010
Jess Huckins

I totally agree! I haven’t read or watched Twilight, but I’ve seen the ads and that’s enough. I really enjoyed the explanation behind the real wolves, and it was great to hear them howling to each other at the end!

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